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Streamline commercial real estate transactions with Drooms data room technology.

The solution for your real estate portfolio

During the buying or selling of commercial real estate, both investors and sellers collect and analyse large volumes of information. As part of the due diligence process, the review of associated documentation is usually carried out in a virtual data room like Drooms. However, even beyond the transaction, Drooms’ award-winning software solution offers asset and portfolio managers the ability to centrally store and share information in an automated, secure and structured way at all stages of the asset lifecycle. Its built in artificial intelligence (AI) and machine learning technology helps improve decision making and streamlines workflows.


Efficient transactions

With Drooms TRANSACTION you can speed up due diligence processes and run cross-border transactions seamlessly. Its built in Translation feature lets you work in your favourite language. The content of documents can be translated in real time from English and back in four languages. The Q&A workflow can be set up in a matter of minutes and is fully self-operating. Even complex Q&A processes with several levels of specialist approval are simple to configure. You can add an attachment to an answer or link the latter to a document in the data room. You can also tailor the Q&A individually according to your needs and automate the workflow. If you need technical support in structuring your data room, our project managers based in Frankfurt are available 24/7.

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Asset lifecycle management 

With Drooms PORTFOLIO you can manage all your assets securely in one place and eliminate information siloes. Providing a clear, unified and structural approach, the master data room enables you to search for specific documents across assets. By selecting the search filter ‘Descriptions only’, all Drooms users can also carry out a targeted search of index descriptions for matching text terms within the data room. With standard features like Auto-Allocation, documents and data are automatically sorted into the right index points. With the "Transaction Flag” functionality, relevant documents can be marked for readiness,  reducing the time at which assets are brought to market by making divestment quick and easy.

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Technical due diligence index for real estate transactions

Paramount to deal success is effective and thorough technical due diligence. Download our complimentary index as an Excel or Zip file..

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"You quickly realise that Drooms' data rooms are just made for handling real property transactions. One thing that impressed us in particular was how quickly documents could be displayed, even complex construction plans. You don't need to spend minutes loading files, whatever their shape and size — an incredible advantage that saved us a lot of time!"

Co-Head of Investment
NAI apollo group