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Drooms is Europe’s leading provider of software solutions and services for the exchange of sensitive corporate data. With our purpose-built virtual data room, we enable our customers to control both internal and external access to sensitive, high-value, asset-related information.
Drooms is a digital communications platform that provides users with fast and secure access to large numbers of sensitive documents. Internal and/or external parties can view sensitive corporate information, depending on their permissions settings.

All users that have been invited to a Drooms data room receive an invitation by email. For first-time users of a Drooms data room the invitation email will include a link to our registration page. After registering with us, first-time users will be forwarded to the Drooms ‘Sign In’ page (https://web.drooms.com). In order to benefit from all of the features in Drooms, we recommend that you watch our Video Tutorials.

We are not allowed to share any information regarding our customers. The reason will likely become clear to you once you enter and review the documents contained in the data room.


Once you have received an invitation to a data room, you can start the registration process by clicking on the link contained within the email. Set your password, fill out your user data, and access the data room at web.drooms.com.

Please visit our log-in page to set a new password: https://web.drooms.com/forgot-password

If you do not receive an invitation email within 24 hours, please check your spam folder first (or other folders where unwanted emails are forwarded to). If you use anti-spam software, the domain drooms.com should be added to your list of trusted senders. By doing so, you also ensure that you will receive important information regarding Drooms in the future. We can also resend your invitation. Please contact us at +49 (0)69 478 640 299 or via email at support@drooms.com.

Passwords must have at least 10 characters and:

  • At least one capital letter. A-Z
  • At least one lower case letter. a-z
  • At least one special character
  • At least one number. 0-9

General use of Drooms

In order to set up additional accounts for Drooms, please contact the sell-side.
Use the Print function from the context menu.
You may not be authorised to print the respective documents. Please contact the sell-side if you need higher permissions.
Use the Print function from the context menu.
You may not be authorised to save the respective documents. Please contact the sell-side if you need higher permissions.
You can activate the Notifications to stay informed about new and updated documents in the data room.

The Drooms application is available for download on iOS devices. Simply download it via the App Store and view, search, translate, share, edit, create, and delete files and folders on the go.

Drooms FLEX

To register a Drooms FLEX account please click on ‘Buy now’ or ‘Start a free trial’, found on this page https://shop.drooms.com/home. Please then click on ‘Register’. Fill in the mandatory information and click on ‘Get Started now’. An activation email will be sent to you. To activate your account, you need to click on the ‘Activate your account’ button. This will redirect you to the sign in page.

If you have already registered for the Drooms FLEX, it is possible you have not activated your account yet. Please look for the account activation email we automatically sent you and activate your account. If you haven’t received such an email, please contact support@drooms.com.

The price for the Drooms FLEX data room is €17,90* per user/monthly.

This plan includes 10 users minimum and the eleven free features listed below:

  • Branding
  • Live Reporting
  • Granular Permissions
  • Inbox
  • Notes & Highlights
  • Document Viewer
  • OCR Text-Based Search
  • Document Translation
  • Index Allocation
  • Two-Factor Authentication
  • Advanced Permissions


More information can be found on the Drooms FLEX page: https://shop.drooms.com/home


* For currencies selected as USD $, GBP £ or CHF, the indicative price is shown when making the purchase.

You can contact our support team for technical support every day of the week 24/7/365 via the following email address: support@drooms.com. For in-depth training, you can book a training session with our support team

The main difference is in the pricing and type of support included. Customers with a Drooms LIFECYCLE or Drooms TRANSACTION data room are entitled to full email and phone support, while Drooms FLEX customers are entitled to technical support by email. Furthermore, there are additional services included for Drooms LIFECYCLE or Drooms TRANSACTION clients, such as onboarding and data room training, while FLEX customers can purchase them. Free preparation time, unlimited users and inclusive data room archives are among other benefits included. For more information please contact our sales team via: Contact | Drooms

Yes. In addition to the 2 free features already included; the following features can be added to your data room:

  • Q&A
  • Drooms Redaction

Please note that it costs €9,9 per user/monthly for each additional feature added.

No, once you have purchased additional feature(s), it is not possible to remove or exchange them.

The minimum number of user licenses is 10 and the maximum number that can be purchased in the same checkout process is 100.

To order a training please follow these steps:


  1. Select ‘Sign in’ to login to your account online

  2. Click on ‘More’ in the top right-hand corner of the data room you wish to have your training in

  3. Select ‘Book data room training’

  4. Complete the order form including the topics you are interested in?

  5. Click ‘Add to card’ to complete your purchase

You should sign into the Drooms FLEX and click on the ‘Account’ tab. On the data room tile you can see how many unused user licenses are left.

Yes, you can downgrade the user licenses to the minimum mandatory amount of 10. However, they first need to be removed from the data room. It is important to note that if you downgrade the user licenses during the current billing month, the change will apply immediately, but only the upcoming invoice will be reduced.

Yes. Upgrading the free room is still possible up to 4 weeks after the trial period has ended. After that the data room is deleted.

No, we don’t initiate a refund when you downgrade the number of user licenses’ you have. This holds true even when the user licenses are downgraded on the same day they are bought.

Downgrading user licenses will affect the amount paid on a monthly basis. Blocking users only affects the access granted to the data room. This means, you will still be charged for the blocked (temporarily restricted) users. To enable a downgrade of user licenses however, you must first block the relevant users from the data room (if said licenses are in use). For more information please refer to the Drooms FLEX Terms & Conditions of Contract.

Yes. To do so please contact our support team via: support@drooms.com. In order to assign a new data room owner, he/she should be registered in the Drooms FLEX and have a payment method set. Please note that if the current owner has more than one data room, the ownership must be changed for all the data rooms, no partial change is possible.

Drooms FLEX data room customers are billed monthly, on the same day, for recurring payments. For instance, if you bought a room on the 25th of May, you would receive the next bill on the 25th of June at 00:00h. Only in special cases, such as if you bought a room on 31st of the month, would you be billed on the 30th during months containing 30 days.

No, the currency which is chosen during the very first check-out process is set up as the default currency for any payments made. The currency depends on the billing address’s country.

Currently, we support card payments for Mastercard, Visa and PayPal. Additional, local payment methods will be added in the near future.

The default payment method is marked as ‘default’. You can, at any time, add a new payment method and mark it as ‘default’ or do so later on. If there is only one payment method, it must be the default one. Managing payment methods can be done on the Drooms FLEX ‘Settings’ page. If the first or new default payment method is saved as a credit card, the customer will have to verify his/her identity using a 3D security process.

Every e-commerce business offering a credit card payment option has to implement 3D security. It’s basically just a Two-Factor Authentication process requiring the entering of a code sent via SMS by the customers bank.

Yes, you can do this by selecting the option available under ‘More’ on the payment method tile, which can be found on the ‘Settings’ page. This is only possible if it is not the default payment method. If you want to delete a default payment method, first set another payment method as ‘default’.

If a recurring payment fails for any reason, we automatically restrict all user access to the platform until the payment has been settled. If this happens, you will be informed by email regarding the next steps to take. Once the payment method issue is resolved, please retry making the payment by clicking ‘Retry’ on the ‘Billing’ page.If the data room is not paid one month after the recurring payment fails, the data room will be archived/deleted permanently.

The billing page is only available to the data room owner. You should sign into the Drooms FLEX and click on the ‘Billing’ tab in the navigation bar. There you can access PDF and Excel sheet versions of the billing history (from the 1st day to the last invoice billed).

The next billing date will be displayed at the bottom of your ‘Account’ page in the Drooms FLEX.

Yes, go to the ‘Settings’ page, click on ‘More’ in the payment method window and select ‘Edit billing address’. Don’t forget to save your changes!

Yes, you can do so by clicking on ‘More’ and then selecting ‘Cancel data room’ for that particular data room on the ‘Account’ page online. However, we do not issue a refund. As you pay upfront for the data room, you can use the data room until the end of the billing/subscription period. After that the data room will be closed and the subscription will end.

Yes, you can reactivate a canceled data room simply by clicking on the ‘Reactivate’ button on the ‘Account’ page. If you do not reactivate the canceled data room before the next billing date (displayed next to the ‘reactivate’ button), the data room will be closed.

Yes, you can still reactivate your room 4 weeks after it was closed by clicking on the ‘Reactivate’ button. Then you will need to proceed to checkout and pay pro-rata until the next billing date. The billing date does not change. The deadline for reactivating a data room is displayed next to the ‘Reactivate’ button on the data room tile. After that date, if not reactivated, the data room will be deleted/archived.

No, if the room is unpaid and the debt is not covered until the next billing month, subscription will automatically be cancelled.

Go to the ‘Account’ page in our online shop and click on the button ‘Upgrade to FLEX’. This will open a window with the upgrade options. Click on ‘Buy now’. Customise your data room and then checkout. All the data uploaded in the free room will still be available in the upgraded data room. Please make sure you do not book an entirely new data room if you want to keep the data.

Data room archive is basically a copy of your data room in form of USB, including the different reports if wanted.

To order data room archive please follow the few simple steps:

  1. Select ‘Sign in’ to login to your account online
  2. Click on ‘More’ in the top right-hand corner of the data room you wish to order archives for
  3. Select ‘Request data room archive’
  4. Complete the order form including the number of USBs you wish to purchase
  5. Click ‘Add to card’ to complete your purchase or ‘Save for later’ to avoid refilling the form


Please don’t forget to grant access to “Administrator, Drooms” in the Administrators’ group, otherwise Drooms won’t be able to create the archives.

The archives are normally created within 12 to 24 hours and handed over to our logistics partner responsible for their timely delivery.

No, data room archive can only be ordered if the data room is active or canceled.

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Drooms is the leading virtual data room provider in Europe. In addition to securely handling confidential business processes such as commercial real estate sales, mergers & acquisitions and NPL transactions via its suite of products, Drooms can also map all stages across the entire lifecycle asset management process on a single platform. Drooms therefore provides clients with the ability to safely store and process sensitive documents and make transactions faster and more efficient.

As a leading data room provider, all data transfers at Drooms are carried out exclusively via SSL-secured connections and encrypted with AES 256-bit to ensure maximum security.

Drooms is an ISO 27001:2013 certified company committed to continuously improving security and meeting all necessary regulations. Both internal and external security audits are regularly conducted. The contractually agreed data processing takes place exclusively in Germany or Switzerland, and any relocation to another third country requires the customer’s consent. To secure access to data, Drooms offers various functions such as two-factor authentication and precise access controls that allow customers to retain control over their data.

Drooms FLEX:

For straightforward, smaller transactions or simple and secure online document management, our self-service product Drooms FLEX is best for you. Here you can set up and manage your data room independently on a monthly basis.


For complex transactions and due diligence processes, we recommend our Drooms TRANSACTION data room. Here, you benefit from the advantages that using a complete software and service solution from a single source brings. A Drooms Customer Success Manager supports you with all aspects of your virtual data room with personal support 24/7. In addition, the services of our Real Estate Services team can also be added. Our expert team supports you during the preparation phase of the transaction and check the content of your data room to ensure that it is complete, consistent and up to date. They also support you with the research and sourcing of all asset and transaction-relevant documents in order to prepare for the due diligence.

Setting up a virtual data room is always advisable when your company regularly shares confidential information with business partners or customers, or when sensitive data needs to be securely stored and accessible. Especially in the real estate industry, but also in the legal, scientific, financial, and healthcare sectors, implementing a data room can be beneficial.


No. Drooms works on almost all devices and does not require hardware / servers on site. The only requirement is a web browser and an internet connection. In addition, we offer a separate app for iOS devices that can be downloaded from the App Store.


When looking for the right data room provider, you should focus primarily on the issues of security and data protection. Questions such as where the servers are located, whether the provider is ISO certified, and how GDPR issues are handled are particularly important. In addition, it is recommended to gather information about different data room providers on various review platforms, such as Capterra.


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