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About Drooms

Europe's leading data room provider

Favoured by the real estate industry


is our number-one priority and it plays a key part in our vision. We want to change the way sensitive information is handled within organisations, facilitating lean and seamless workflows for our customers globally.

Maximum security and GDPR compliance

ISO 27001:2013 and 27018 certified

Founded in 2001 by M&A and legal experts

Entrepreneurial European proptech company based in Frankfurt and Zug

Branch offices in Munich, London, Paris, Amsterdam, Vienna, Madrid, Barcelona, Sofia and Milan as well as solutions partners globally

Trusted by leading real estate companies, advisors, law firms and international corporations

Drooms sets the standard for real estate asset management documentation in Europe

The Drooms' timeline

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Companies Data Room Service GmbH & Co. KG (DRS GmbH & Co KG) and Data Room Services Beteiligungs GmbH (DRS GmbH) based in Bad Wiesse, were founded
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o Relocation of DRS company to Berlin
o First virtual data rooms on encrypted CDs
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o DRS companies move to Frankfurt
o Opening of DRS digital AG in Switzerland (later parent company)
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Launch of the first web-based Q&A feature as part of Drooms Classic (first generation platform)
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o New DRS GmbH & Co. KG Headquarters in Frankfurt (Eschersheimer Landstraße)
o Number of DRS employees reaches 10
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Dissolution and growth of DRS GmbH & Co. KG assets to DRS GmbH
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Opening of DRS office in France, Paris (today Drooms GmbH)
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Opening of a branch in Italy
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o Renaming of DRS GmbH to Drooms GmbH, DRSdigital AG becomes Drooms AG
o Number of employees at Drooms reaches 50 employees
o Opening of Drooms office in Munich (Drooms GmbH) and in UK, London (Drooms International Ltd.)
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Launch of the Drooms online shop
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o Number of employees at Drooms reaches 100
o Founding of Drooms AG subsidiary in Spain (Drooms Cloud Espaῆa SLU) and opening of a branch in Amsterdam (Drooms AG)
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o Drooms implemented blockchain technology for secure digital archives
o Drooms hit 50K users on the Drooms platform
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o Drooms hit 100K users on the platform
o Launch of the very first trainable AI feature (Auto Allocation)
o Release of Drooms API
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Number of employees at Drooms reaches 150
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o 10,000 assets under management on the platform
o Stake in German proptech company DocEstate
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o Reached 10,500 customers
o Stake in French proptech company Bazimo
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Launch of Drooms LIFECYCLE - a game-changer solution for Real Estate data management.
Alexandre Grellier

Alexandre has been leading the company since 2003 and is responsible for the significant growth of the data room business in Germany.
Prior to Drooms, Alexandre worked as a lawyer at Lehman Brothers in Frankfurt and London, specialising in compliance and transaction management.
Jan Hoffmeister

Jan was one of the trailblazers for the introduction of virtual data room solutions in Europe.
It all started in 2001, when Jan founded the company as a physical data room. After an intensive development phase, his ideas about how a virtual data room should look and perform came to fruition.
Jan has over 20 years of experience in corporate finance and M&A working for Siemens.

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