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Become a certified data room specialist

Do you frequently use the Drooms platform? Discover how to work even more quickly and efficiently on Drooms and take pride in your daily work by becoming a certified data room specialist!

Individual workshops to become a certified data room specialist are now available with Drooms

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Data room features

Optimise the way you use features such as document translation, the search and filter function, notes and highlights, branding and much more

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Q&A configuration

Create the perfect communication flow using the Q&A feature

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Project management

Discover practices for effective user administration, legal protection of data room content as well as how to extend, close and re-activate your data room

What exactly is the Drooms User Certificate?

For further details on our certificates and workshops, please download the factsheet.

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Tuesday 28th March 2023

9.30AM (CEST)

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