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According to Preqin’s 2021 Alternative Assets in Europe Report, Europe-based alternative assets had a great fundraising year in 2021. Alternative assets are offering a lot of opportunities for low-risk investment, and some assets are attracting more investors than others.

With our intelligent data room capabilities, run your fundraising projects faster and more securely than ever before.

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Increase Speed

Run your fundraising project faster and more securely than ever before. Drooms offers an intelligent work platform that provides more flexibility, allows individual workflows and simplifies collaboration between investor, fundraiser and all stakeholders in the process. With all your important files and folders centralised in one place, access to company data has never been so simple. This is especially important for communication with investors, both on a domestic and an international level.

ESG Criteria

The topic of ESG is also becoming increasingly important in the fundraising sector, and transparency and disclosure play a crucial role in this context as well. ESG criteria should already be considered when defining the strategy for new funds. This increases fundraising prospects, as more and more investors are asking about sustainability standards. Drooms can help you with structuring your ESG data in one place.

High data protection requirements

The data for the respective fundraising project and pan-European transactions must be securely stored in accordance with the General Data Protection Regulation (GDPR). You trust us with your confidential documents and we take that responsibility seriously by safeguarding your data using the highest security standards and handling protocols available. Drooms is GDPR compliant and always puts the privacy of its customers first. Our data room software solution is continuously audited to ensure that we adapt to new technologies as they develop.

Handpick your data room based on your workflow

Drooms FLEX data room includes

drooms screen


Personalise your projects so users around the globe identify with your brand.

Notes & Highlights

Annotate a document, page or specific section of text and find it easily.

Two-Factor Authentication

Sign in using an additional security code sent via SMS.


Fast full-text document search (including PDFs).

Document Translation

Work in your favorite language.

Customisable platform

Customise your data room based on your workflow.

Trusted by international Fortune 500 companies

Used by 30,000+ customers worldwide

One data room. Many possibilities.

Due Diligence
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Lifecycle management
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Control and streamline asset documentation in your organisation
Document Analysis
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Digitalise the document review phase
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Get support with collecting, indexing, and digitising your documents
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Conduct fundraising and share fund documents with potential investors

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By clicking "Submit", I agree to be contacted by Drooms GmbH or Drooms AG via e-mail or telephone (if provided) in order to process my request and in accordance with Drooms' privacy policy.