Drooms Artificial Intelligence

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Drooms is utilising artificial intelligence (AI) and machine learning to help run deals of all sizes more efficiently.

To ensure a high standard of security and reliability, Drooms has developed and integrated the technology in-house, instead of relying on third-party products and applies it to many aspects of the deal process and workflow.

Drooms' AI-powered features

Document Translation

Automate the translation of documents in your data room.


> Enjoy improved display of translated text in the same layout as its original

> Streamline the reading of documentation with the clear overlay of information

> Compare translated text with its original anytime using a toggle button

Auto Allocation

Automate the allocation of documents to their respective index points within the data room with increasing accuracy over time.


> Choose customisable templates to allocate files in a way that suits you

> Batch upload documents quickly via drag-and-drop

> Enjoy improved results over time


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Auto Naming

Automate the naming of files scanned and uploaded to your data room.


> Choose the naming convention that fits your needs

> Select the associated template

> Save time retitling, locating and navigating content

How Drooms' game-changing AI boosts your performance

Our award winning, market leading technology helps you work smarter by eliminating time consuming tasks and improving productivity to streamline any deal.

Increase efficiency

Boost efforts and get to your end goal quicker by automating numerous tasks and acquiring insights quickly.

Eradicate human error

Minimise risk, run your business smoothly and achieve results by having team members focus on what really matters.

Increase accuracy every time

Improve the quality, accuracy and efficiency of results from information the more you use your tools.

Trustworthy and ethical AI

Drooms closely follows the discussions and developments in ethics in artificial intelligence and believes AI should be lawful, ethical, and robust. We consider privacy and data governance, aswell as human oversight. That means, for example, we always keep a human in the loop to confirm suggestions generated by artificial intelligence to ensure quality of results and accountability, and we build tools to help people be more efficient and effective, not to replace them by building fully automatic systems. Similarly, we take into account guiding principles for designing intelligent solutions, i.e. aiming at responsibility, explainability, accuracy, auditability, and fairness.
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