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Drooms está utilizando inteligencia artificial (IA) y aprendizaje automático para ayudar a ejecutar negocios de todo tamaño de manera más eficiente.

Drooms AI features

Document translation
Reduce riesgos innecesarios con nuestra herramienta de traducción incorporada
Auto Asignación
Organice todos los documentos en el punto de índice correcto automáticamente en base a su contenido
Findings manager
Destaca y valida las posibles áreas de interés y expórtalas a Excel para fines de presentación de informes
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Increase efficiency

Boost efforts and get to your end goal quicker by automating numerous tasks and acquiring insights quickly.

Eradicate human error

Minimise risk, run your business smoothly and achieve results by having team members focus on what really matters.

Increase accuracy every time

Improve the quality, accuracy and efficiency of results from information the more you use your tools.

Trustworthy and ethical AI

Drooms closely follows the discussions and developments in ethics in artificial intelligence and believes AI should be lawful, ethical, and robust. We consider privacy and data governance, aswell as human oversight. That means, for example, we always keep a human in the loop to confirm suggestions generated by artificial intelligence to ensure quality of results and accountability, and we build tools to help people be more efficient and effective, not to replace them by building fully automatic systems. Similarly, we take into account guiding principles for designing intelligent solutions, i.e. aiming at responsibility, explainability, accuracy, auditability, and fairness.

AI Articles & Insights

Artificial intelligence
Inteligencia Artificial

Glosario de IA: Una guía sencilla para entender la Tecnología

Artificial intelligence is everywhere. It is in our business software, the apps we use, the trains we take and the news we watch. While we often hear about it and even talk about it, different concepts surrounding AI are not always understood. So, what should you know about AI?

Inteligencia Artificial

Regulación del derecho a la privacidad en la era de la IA

New developments in 2019 have shown that the GDPR rules on AI profiling could not be timelier. From smart billboards to home audio devices, AI has been deployed to make sense of everything we expose about ourselves, including our faces and things we casually say.

Artificial intelligence
Inteligencia Artificial

6 myths about AI debunked

Throughout the day, most of us interact with some form of AI. Unfortunately, given its complex nature, misconceptions about artificial intelligence’s capabilities or lack thereof at this stage are rampant.


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Un Data Room, muchas posibilidades

Due Diligence
Realice una Due Diligence apropiada para sus activos en fusiones y adquisiciones
Gestión del ciclo de vida
Controle y optimice los documentos de los activos de su organización
Análisis de documentos
Digitalice la etapa de revisión de los documentos
Reciba soporte para recolectar, indexar y digitalizar sus documentos

Realice operaciones de fundraising y comparta documentos sobre fondos con inversionistas potenciales

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