Below are some frequently asked questions about Drooms, from registration to using the software


Who is Drooms?

Drooms is Europe’s leading provider of software solutions and services for the exchange of sensitive corporate data. With our purpose-built virtual data room, we enable our customers to control both internal and external access to sensitive, high-value, asset-related information.

What is Drooms?

Drooms is a digital communications platform that provides users with fast and secure access to large numbers of sensitive documents. Internal and/or external parties can view sensitive corporate information, depending on their permissions settings.

How do I use Drooms?

All users that have been invited to a Drooms data room receive an invitation by email. For first-time users of a Drooms data room the invitation email will include a link to our registration page. After registering with us, first-time users will be forwarded to the Drooms ‘Sign In’ page (https://web.drooms.com). In order to benefit from all of the features in Drooms, we recommend that you watch our Video Tutorials.

Why did I receive this invitation?

We are not allowed to share any information regarding our customers. The reason will likely become clear to you once you enter and review the documents contained in the data room.


How can I register with Drooms?

Once you have received an invitation to a data room, you can start the registration process by clicking on the link contained within the email. Set your password, fill out your user data, and access the data room at web.drooms.com.

I have forgotten my password.

Please visit our log-in page to set a new password: https://web.drooms.com/forgot-password

I did not receive an invitation to Drooms.

If you do not receive an invitation email within 24 hours, please check your spam folder first (or other folders where unwanted emails are forwarded to). If you use anti-spam software, the domain drooms.com should be added to your list of trusted senders. By doing so, you also ensure that you will receive important information regarding Drooms in the future. We can also resend your invitation. Please contact us at +49 (0)69 478 640 299 or via email at support@drooms.com.

Why is the system not accepting my password?

Passwords must have at least 10 characters and:

  • At least one capital letter. A-Z
  • At least one lower case letter. a-z
  • At least one special character
  • At least one number. 0-9


How can I install the Drooms software?

Please follow the instructions in the set-up wizard. You can also download the Drooms/Access and Use, which contains detailed instructions on how to download and set up Drooms.

I do not have the authorisation to download Drooms.

Please contact your IT department.

General use of Drooms

How can I create additional accounts for Drooms?

In order to set up additional accounts for Drooms, please contact the sell-side.

How can I print documents?

Use the Print function from the context menu.

I cannot print documents. Why?

You may not be authorised to print the respective documents. Please contact the sell-side if you need higher permissions.

How can I save documents?

Use the Print function from the context menu.

I cannot save documents. Why?

You may not be authorised to save the respective documents. Please contact the sell-side if you need higher permissions.

How can I be informed about changes in the data room?

You can activate the Notifications to stay informed about new and updated documents in the data room.