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Drooms’ CEO appointed to keep International Bar Association’s Real Estate Section at leading edge of technology developments

January 15, 2019

London / Paris / Frankfurt, 15. January 2019: Alexandre Grellier, the Chief Executive Officer of Drooms, the leading provider of virtual data rooms in Europe, has been appointed by the Ieadership of the IBA Real Estate Section to ensure the Real Estate Section’s members are kept up to date on technological developments and trends impacting the real estate sector.

Alexandre, who co-founded Drooms in 2001, has been appointed as Technology Officer for the IBA Real Estate Section for the next two years with a remit to drive debates on new technology, including the advent of artificial intelligence. He will maintain the Section’s knowledge bank on technological innovations, identifying opportunities and risks and ensuring the Real Estate Section members have access to relevant influencers, business leaders and innovators.

Through its various committees, the IBA promotes an interchange of information and views among its members as to laws, practices and professional responsibilities relating to the practice of business law around the globe.

As CEO of Drooms since its launch, Alexandre has been responsible for driving the company’s expansion. He began his career at Commerzbank after completing his studies in law at Augsburg, Germany. He then worked as a lawyer for Lehman Brothers both in Frankfurt am Main and London, with a particular focus on legal & compliance and transaction management. Alexandre is a regular guest speaker and teacher at real estate universities, schools and training centres across Europe.

Alexandre Grellier commented: “The IBA is a tremendously exciting forum stimulating fresh thinking and change. To be chosen for this role at a time when technology, and AI in particular, is having such a dynamic impact on the real estate sector and other industries is a great honour and opportunity.” Alexandre will chair several events for the IBA Real Estate Section, the first of which was on a panel on AI in relation to due diligence at the IBA annual conference in Rome, 7 – 12 October 2018.

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