Get your real estate in order

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Highly organised and easy to find documentation at all times

We structure your acquisition documents and keep them up to date. Your asset and fund documents are always to hand.

Trusted by companies worldwide

Grow your assets.
Let Drooms take care of the documents. 

Do you wish you had more time to raise the value of your assets?

With Drooms you can. We keep your documents secure, organised, and available 24/7.

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Always be prepared for the next deal  

Drooms sets you up for success when it’s time to sell. Get unlimited free prep time and speed up your transaction with all your deal documents in one place and ready to go.

Onboard and structure your assets

How can Drooms LIFECYCLE help you?

Centralise your acquisition documents on a secure platform so that nothing gets lost. We structure your documents according to your standard index structure or using our GIF or FIDJI index.
From your web browser or the iOS App, you can access your own asset data rooms within one or multiple funds. Invite property managers, lawyers, brokers, or advisors and grant permissions according to their needs.

Drag and drop files into the data room from any file drive. Or simply forward new documents via email to the data room’s Inbox, ready to be filed.

We can source the documents for you, making sure you always have the latest tenancy agreements, rental deposits, maintenance & inspection documents, etc.

Always find the document you need right away with the Document and Asset Search. Search through the content of documents using the OCR Search, even in PDF and scanned documents, with an upgrade of your plan.

Keep track of your asset documentation.

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When it is time to sell, transfer the documents to a transaction data room* in just one click.

*Drooms TRANSACTION data rooms are subject to a separate contract.

More time and more peace of mind

Innovative data room technology and expertise from a single source ​

Time-saving data room services

Our experienced customer success managers onboard your assets, assess the documentation, and source new or missing documents
Our exceptional customer support team helps you 24/7 in five languages

Most secure storage for real estate

Store your valuable documents on fully GDPR-compliant private servers in Europe
All documents are processed within the EU along the entire asset life cycle
Use the most advanced security protocols to protect your data

Cost-saving data room solution 

Free up valuable time and resources
Save legal costs by organising all your asset documents upfront
Start with a free plan and grow with us as your needs evolve

One data room. Many possibilities.

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Lifecycle management
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Document Analysis
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Digitalise the document review phase
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Get support with collecting, indexing, and digitising your documents
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Conduct fundraising and share fund documents with potential investors

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