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Manage and sell your real estate assets easily online with Drooms


With privately owned servers, external security audits, safe data processing practices, vulnerability management and encryption at rest, Drooms offers maximum security and GDPR compliance.


With a clean design enabling a great user experience you can enjoy simplified working with no need for user manuals.


With artificial intelligence (AI) and machine learning technology built into our virtual data room you can substitute repetitive manual processes with smart workflows.

Get intelligent insights and enjoy automated workflows
Get help sourcing, structuring and digitising documentation
Integrate and link your data room with other software systems
Know your data is protected using the highest encryption levels available

Due Diligence

Drooms' due diligence checklist: What you need to ensure deal success.


Prepare for your real estate transaction with Drooms' full proof index that provides the ideal folder structure and documents required for due diligence.

“We were able to cement our position as a leading data room provider in Europe and innovative driver for digitisation in the real estate sector in 2021 as our platform facilitated more than 60 percent of the top 20 commercial real estate transactions in Germany and we achieved 45 percent international growth.”


- Alexandre Grellier & Jan Hoffmeister

CEOs of Drooms


Trusted by 30,000+ customers worldwide

Manage due diligence processes with ease and get the deal done with a platform built expressly for the world’s leading real estate professionals. With a fully self-operating Q&A, Document Translation and the Drooms Findings Manager you can proceed with confidence.
Manage your real estate portfolio on one platform and ensure a single source of truth. Get a full and up to date overview of documentation, flag transaction ready documents and automatically allocate files to their respective index points quickly.
Store, share and manage confidential business documents centrally no matter where you are with the ultimate smart workspace solution. Streamline co-operation between and among teams with advanced permissions all while keeping your data secure.