One platform. Multiple assets. The virtual data room that takes away the pain and complexity of managing your portfolio.

Manage all your assets in one place


The PORTFOLIO data room allows for the fast and secure management of assets throughout the hold phase. Instead of one data room for multiple assets, Drooms PORTFOLIO makes a data room per asset available within a single platform.

Used by the world's leading asset managers

PORTFOLIO is the platform of choice to manage and keep 2.8 million m² real estate portfolio transaction-ready.

Lifecycle management of 150 funds and 1,300 assets administered by INTREAL in PORTFOLIO data rooms.

PORTFOLIO sets new digitisation standards for modern data management across UBS Real Estate Funds.

Achieve more

Enjoy continued high performance of all data room functionalities, even when dealing with hundreds of thousands of documents per asset. Stay in control by granting secure access and granular permissions to each user group separately at asset level.

With a unified structure designed in single tiles, navigating your assets has never been easier. Add a description, a gallery of images and location map for each asset in your portfolio to market your holdings professionally and present them to potential investors.

To increase visibility and improve decision making, access analytics and generate reports on user activity and project history.

Auto Allocation

The “Auto allocation” functionality, built with artificial intelligence, enables users to upload an entire folder and documents via the drag-and-drop function with automatic allocation to the respective index points.

Documents are read, categorised and allocated based on their content. What’s more the algorithm takes all actions into account, learning from individual behaviours and patterns and refining the document’s future index allocations over time.

Transaction Flag

With “Transaction flag” you can mark, search and filter transaction relevant documents within your portfolio and visualise them as such for all users with admin rights. Begin by flagging the relevant index points in the data room.

Once the index point has been populated with a corresponding document the readiness indicator will turn green. If the asset manager has to act upon populating the index point, the status will be marked as pending. Lastly, filter and search to show only the relevant transaction ready index points.

Drooms Document & Asset Search feature

Document & Asset Search

The document search feature available in Drooms PORTFOLIO allows for the searching and filtering of documents and folders across assets. By selecting the search option ‘Search documents and folders’ on the portfolio overview page and filtering by data room if required, assets with specific issues or documents of a specific nature e.g. all land registry certificates, can be easily located. It is also possible to search for specific assets pertaining to a portfolio. By selecting the search filter ‘Descriptions only’, all Drooms users can also carry out a targeted search of index descriptions for matching text terms within the data room.

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✔ 2 authority requests/official enquiries (land register, cadastral map) per asset


✔ A USB copy of your data room at the end of the three months


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