Conduct business faster with flexible file sharing and storage that meets compliance and security requirements. No matter where you are.

Send and sign documents in a matter of clicks with Oodrives’ CertSign software for the ideal home office setup!

Centralise, store, share and manage your documents centrally to boost team efficiency

The Drooms ENTERPRISE data room delivers a smart workplace increasing flexibility and streamlining co-operation between and among teams, all while keeping your data safe using the highest security standards out there.

Online access

Whether your telecommuting, hot-desking or on the road you still need immediate, direct, and secure access to all your documents. Drooms provides teams that agility by storing your documents independently from your IT department and making them accessible around the clock via your computer, iPhone, and iPad.

Security first

In compliance with European data protection laws, all data is stored on proprietary servers in Germany or Switzerland. Maintenance of servers is taken care of by Drooms GmbH in Frankfurt. For premium security, data transfers are completed via SSL connections only and are AES 256-bit encrypted.

24/7 support

Drooms can help you build your master data room and reduce your workload with its dedicated project managers available around the clock in multiple languages. The initial collection, indexing and digitising of documents carried out on your behalf allows you to focus on making those all-important decisions. For those lone wolves, we offer software trainings so you can get on with your day faster than ever.

Advanced permissions

When organising your team to work remotely, the focus should be on setting up the right permissions to access, view and manage information fast and trouble-free. At Drooms, we understand that not every employee has the same access requirements and that access needs to be flexible and secure. Permissions can range from providing the ability to view individual files to being able to edit them in a number of ways ensuring a smooth workflow.

Organise with AI

When you create a new data room, you’ll be able to define a file structure specific to your own needs. If you enable the Auto Allocation feature, the software learns how you organise your documents and does all the grunt work of indexing them for you. All you need to do to is upload your chosen documents via drag and drop. Enjoy our smart search and Findings Manager features to pull information at a click with 0 loading time too!

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Work 100% online and protect yourself against cybercrime by signing your digital documents with Oodrives' CertSign software.

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