Drooms virtual data room for transactions

The revolution in due diligence - now with blockchain technology

Intuitive, fast and automated

Intelligent due diligence as part of a fundraising campaign, real estate asset sale, or an M&A transaction, is increasingly important to ensure a smooth closing. Drooms is your reliable software partner focused on streamlining online due diligence processes in a structured, fast and transparent manner through its smart VDR.


Drooms Instant Access Technology offers a series of features enabling high-speed document processing, so your documentation is always up-to-date and easily accessible anytime, anywhere.


No matter the size of your transaction, Drooms ensures high performance even when thousands of users are involved.


Drooms offers ISO-certified, AIFMD and GDPR compliant server facilities in Germany and Switzerland conforming with the latest EU data protection and security standards, the strictest in the world.

More than 25,000 businesses around the world use Drooms including international Fortune 500 companies

Drooms and Artificial Intelligence

Drooms’ award winning technology substitutes repetitive manual processes with smart workflows. Groundbreaking features that will gradually rely on this technology more and more include the Findings Manager, which allows for the defining and quantifying of potential risks and opportunities specific to a project, resulting in a huge speed advantage for transaction professionals.

The Drooms Q&A feature

Complex Q&A processes with varying types of activities and several approval levels can now be set up in a matter of minutes.

International locations and dedicated customer service

Drooms is headquartered in Frankfurt with branch offices in London, Munich, Vienna, Paris, Amsterdam, Milan, Madrid and Zug. If you need technical support in structuring your data room, Drooms project managers are available exclusively for your project around the clock to help you with the configuration. Individual support is also available upon request in English, German, French, Spanish, Italian, Dutch, and Turkish.