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Drooms is fully compliant with the GDPR.

Data protection & IT security

Drooms is fully compliant with the GDPR

You trust us with your confidential documents and we take that responsibility seriously by safeguarding your data using the highest security standards and handling protocols available. Drooms is GDPR compliant and always puts the privacy of its customers first. Our dataroom software solution is continuously audited to ensure that we adapt to new technologies as they develop. We also work to keep improving our internal processes for handing your sensitive data.

What is the GDPR?

For any questions or if you need more information please contact our Data Protection Team via: dataprotection@drooms.com

Maximum security and GDPR compliance with Drooms

Measures taken to protect data from unjustified modification, processing or loss:

  • Drooms ISO 27001:2013 and 27018 certified
  • Drooms GmbH fulfills the requirements of the GDPR and is as an organization as well as software GDPR compliant. The data protection report from our Data Protection Officer can be found here
  • Maintenance of servers is taken care of by Drooms GmbH in Frankfurt alone
  • Technical and Customer Support Services directly carried out by Drooms GmbH
  • Regular penetration tests are carried out to assess data security
  • High availability server solutions
  • Detailed real-time analytics down to a single document page
  • Individual granting of review, print, and/or storage authorisations on the user and document level
  • Multi-factor authentication process with PIN and SMS

How we encrypt all data

At Drooms all data transfers are completed via TLS connections only and get encrypted with AES 256-bit.

Where we store all data

The provision of the contractually agreed data processing takes place exclusively in the EU or Switzerland. Any transfer to another third country requires your consent.

Limit access by IP filtering

The possibility to limit data room access at group level to specific devices with specific IP addresses is available. This ensures the data room is only accessed via a specific company network for example.

Data confidentiality

Two factor authentication and access controls are just some of the ways clients have autonomy on how and whether their data is kept.

Vulnerability management

Drooms performs internal vulnerability scans and safety tests. In case of an emergency our disaster scenario plan guarantees that data remains unaffected.

External security audits

As an ISO 27001: 2013 certified company, Drooms GmbH regularly carries out external and internal security audits to ensure safety and comply with regulations.

Data room user rights

Sophisticated user rights management and dynamic, personalised watermark for printed documents as well as option to disable "Print-screen" key.

IP Filtering

Limit data room access at group level to specific devices with specific IP addresses.

Data privacy made in Germany

Drooms continues to keep data accurate and secure with a system stability/availability of 99,9% per year. No installation of additional plug-ins required due to proprietary technology.

Personal data

The customer is master of its data. Drooms is a processor and processes your data solely on your instructions and only for the purpose regulated in the contract.

Processing activity

Drooms offers a complete activity reporting of all users in the data room (document access, length of stay etc.) in real-time.



Drooms continues to keep data accurate and secure with a system stability/availability of 99,9% per year. No installation of additional plug-ins required due to proprietary technology.

Drooms is the leading virtual data room provider in Europe. In addition to securely handling confidential business processes such as commercial real estate sales, mergers & acquisitions and NPL transactions via its suite of products, Drooms can also map all stages across the entire lifecycle asset management process on a single platform. Drooms therefore provides clients with the ability to safely store and process sensitive documents and make transactions faster and more efficient.

As a leading data room provider, all data transfers at Drooms are carried out exclusively via SSL-secured connections and encrypted with AES 256-bit to ensure maximum security.

Drooms is an ISO 27001:2013 certified company committed to continuously improving security and meeting all necessary regulations. Both internal and external security audits are regularly conducted. The contractually agreed data processing takes place exclusively in Germany or Switzerland, and any relocation to another third country requires the customer’s consent. To secure access to data, Drooms offers various functions such as two-factor authentication and precise access controls that allow customers to retain control over their data.

Drooms FLEX:

For straightforward, smaller transactions or simple and secure online document management, our self-service product Drooms FLEX is best for you. Here you can set up and manage your data room independently on a monthly basis.


For complex transactions and due diligence processes, we recommend our Drooms TRANSACTION data room. Here, you benefit from the advantages that using a complete software and service solution from a single source brings. A Drooms Customer Success Manager supports you with all aspects of your virtual data room with personal support 24/7. In addition, the services of our Real Estate Services team can also be added. Our expert team supports you during the preparation phase of the transaction and check the content of your data room to ensure that it is complete, consistent and up to date. They also support you with the research and sourcing of all asset and transaction-relevant documents in order to prepare for the due diligence.

Setting up a virtual data room is always advisable when your company regularly shares confidential information with business partners or customers, or when sensitive data needs to be securely stored and accessible. Especially in the real estate industry, but also in the legal, scientific, financial, and healthcare sectors, implementing a data room can be beneficial.


No. Drooms works on almost all devices and does not require hardware / servers on site. The only requirement is a web browser and an internet connection. In addition, we offer a separate app for iOS devices that can be downloaded from the App Store.


When looking for the right data room provider, you should focus primarily on the issues of security and data protection. Questions such as where the servers are located, whether the provider is ISO certified, and how GDPR issues are handled are particularly important. In addition, it is recommended to gather information about different data room providers on various review platforms, such as Capterra.


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