Save time, stay compliant and protect your sensitive data with Drooms AI-powered Redaction feature.

Drooms Redaction is your intuitive and secure document redaction tool.

redaction selection
Our built-in redaction feature allows you to protect sensitive information without the need to run third-party software.

Redaction Instant Benefits all at Once

10x Faster

Prepare information for external reviews quickly.

90% Accuracy

AI-powered redaction for ultimate confidence and accuracy.

GDPR-Ready Security

Redact, un-redact, and stay compliant effortlessly.

Expert Redaction Services

Delegate redaction to our experts as part of Drooms' professional service offering, ensuring increased accuracy and confidentiality for your deals.

Multilingual Redaction

Redact in your language of choice be it English, German, Italian, Spanish and French, with more languages to come.

Your Redaction, Your Way

Choose among three options: redact through text searches, select specific areas, or utilise our predefined categories, offering you a selection from a range of 25 GDPR compliant options.

Accelerate Your Workflow

Save time and increase productivity by redacting documents directly in Drooms TRANSACTION and Drooms LIFECYCLE Premium without the need of downloading and re-uploading files.

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