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PROVADA 2023 – Recap

June 22, 2023

At PROVADA 2023, we hosted remarkable events for real estate professionals. Highlights included thought-provoking Women in Real Estate Panels on “Leadership & Navigating the Industry” and “Navigating the Industry.” We also organized an exclusive Boat Ride through Amsterdam’s canals, featuring a fascinating  panel discussion on ESG practices. Additionally, our esteemed clients enjoyed a memorable Client Lunch and networking with industry experts.

We started this year’s PROVADA with a captivating ESG Fireside Chat and Boat Ride along the canals of Amsterdam in our 100% electric boat. Iris Kampers, Savills’ Associate ESG and Sustainability Lead, alongside Dorine van Amerom, Business Development Manager at Drooms, dug deep into the profound impact of ESG on businesses, society, and the environment.

Located at StrandZuid, situated next to the esteemed Provada conference centre, our guests enjoyed a tasty meal and engaging discussions alongside the canal. Attendees discussed industry trends, shared valuable insights and perspectives, and established new connections.

For a proper conclusion, we hosted thought-provoking Women in Real Estate Panels, which delved into the crucial themes of “Leadership & Navigating the Industry” and “Navigating the Industry.” These engaging discussions provided a platform for inspiring women to share their invaluable experiences and shed light on their journeys towards leadership within the real estate sector.

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