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Expo Real 2023 – Recap

October 9, 2023

Each year, the Drooms team eagerly attends the EXPO REAL in Munich. Kicking off the trade fair week, we host a special gathering at the iconic Oktoberfest, offering numerous chances for attendees to engage with Drooms. Boasting an impressive turnout of over 40,000 visitors, EXPO REAL stands as Europe’s premier real estate trade fair.

Dive into a summary of our journey at EXPO REAL 2023 in Munich.

The day before EXPO REAL 2023 we had the pleasure of hosting our yearly event at the Oktoberfest, Drooms x Kufflers Weinzelt. Our guests enjoyed wine and traditional Bavarian food, including fresh Pretzels and “Hendl” – the perfect way to kick off the EXPO REAL week.

Day 1 of EXPO REAL was kicked off with a rather controversial topic – will the market situation get better or is this as good as it gets? Together with co-panellists Andreas Schulten from Bulwiengesa and Mark Holz from Lübke-Kelber, Drooms CEO Alexandre Grellier discussed the current challenges and opportunities for the real estate industry.

The panel concluded that despite current challenges, this period spurs innovation, akin to overdue spring cleaning. Market players are becoming more discerning with buyers, leading to prolonged due diligence, which can affect projects. Effective data management can assist and establish future standards. It’s not about merely using digital tools but leveraging digitization and AI to enhance real estate processes.

Next to many interesting meetings and discussions, Day 2 was also highlighted with a panel. The topic “No digitisation, no sustainability?” was discussed between Drooms CEO Alexandre Grellier and co-panellists Marco Helbig from IC Immobilien Holding, Lukas Krauter from Comgy, Yama Mahasher from Westbridge and Sebastian Renn from Quantrefy.

The panel unanimously believes that without digitization, there’s no sustainability. Previously, business prospered with rising real estate values and minimal focus on energy. Today, however, implementing ESG measures is vital and more challenging. Success hinges on effective data management. It’s not just about tools; a comprehensive digital strategy, process adjustments, and a company-wide change in mindset towards digitization are imperative.

We want to take this opportunity to thank everyone for the productive and insightful discussions. See you next year at EXPO REAL 2024!

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