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How to maximise remote team collaboration and boost business efficiency using Drooms

March 27, 2020

From hot desking to telecommuting, alternative workplace (AW) programs are nothing new.  Recent figures from the U.S. Bureau of Labor Statistics show that close to a quarter of the U.S. workforce alone already works from home at least part of the time. If the Coronavirus outbreak has taught us anything, it’s just how valuable digital workspaces are.

While remote working might be a necessity for the majority of us during these unprecedented times, moving the work to the worker has surprising benefits for businesses. For one, remote working greatly reduces cost. Through its Mobility Initiative IBM is saving over $100 million yearly in its North America sales and distribution unit alone. Tapping into a wider talent pool and reducing employee turnover rates are additional advantages giving companies an edge.

The American Psychological Association has also backed wider claims that remote working can promote productivity and creativity. The good news is that setting up remote working opportunities isn’t difficult or costly.

Paramount to a company’s success however is the adequate investment in the right tools, techniques and training for all its staff. Committing to standardised software is a basic requirement to streamline and organise the workflows of employees and keep them connected irrespective of their location.

Here is a look at some of the ways Drooms’ smart file sharing and cloud storage solution Drooms ENTERPRISE helps boost the efficiency of teams working away from the office.

Let AI do the work for you

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Organising a smart workspace might seem daunting but Drooms’ virtual data room built with AI technology has made centralising, storing, sharing and managing your documents super easy. When you create a new data room, you’ll be able to define a file structure specific to your own needs. The Auto Allocation feature helps you organise your documents automatically and does all the heavy lifting of indexing them for you. Simply upload your selected documents via “Allocate files” and the drag and drop function, sit back, take a break and watch the magic happen

Improve efficiency by focusing on control

Improve efficiency by focusing on control

When organising your team to work remotely, the focus should be on using a highly encrypted and functional digital platform where the setting up of the right permissions to access, view and manage information is possible, swift and painless. Because we understand that not every employee has the same access requirements and that access needs to be flexible and secure, Drooms ENTERPRISE comes with a range of permissions from providing the ability to view individual files to being able to edit them in a number of ways.

Add speed with the right functionality

Add speed with the right functionality

Handling data in a virtual data room has the added benefit of being a lot faster than your average, generic cloud storage and file sharing services. Drooms’ business-first approach to file management enables the pulling of relevant information in a matter of clicks, with 0 loading time. You can enable chosen multiple parties to access and find information fast with the advanced search and filter functionality without fear of overloading that precious server or network. Files can be dragged and dropped at will or downloaded and uploaded in batch.

Maintain a high level of security

Maintain a high level of security

Displaced workforces can greatly increase the risk of phishing attacks and data leakage which is why collaborative tools should put an emphasis on security and protect your data using proper encryption. Drooms adheres to the strictest data protection and IT security standards in the world and regularly carries out internal and external audits. It only stores data on its proprietary servers in Germany and Switzerland. For added security, data transfers are completed via SSL connections and are AES 256-bit encrypted. Multi-factor authentication is also made available.

Get uninterrupted online access

Get uninterrupted online access

Whatever your work environment, the need for immediate, direct, and secure access to all your documents is critical. Drooms provides teams that option and agility by storing your documents independently from your IT department and making them accessible around the clock via your computer, iPhone, and iPad.

Enjoy 24/7 support

Enjoy 24/7 support

Despite the change from office to home environments, workloads for many are only increasing. Drooms can help you build and organise your master data room and reduce your to do list with its dedicated project managers available in multiple languages, twenty-four hours a day. The initial collection, digitising and indexing of documents done on your behalf can free up that calendar allowing you to focus on the more important tasks.

Drooms is currently offering Drooms ENTERPRISE free for 3 months. Not just that, it is also partnering with Oodrive to deliver digital signature software CertSign free for 3 months too! Get the ultimate home office bundle offer by booking a demo of the platform here.

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