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Tristan Capital Partners maximises asset value by streamlining data management processes

December 5, 2017
  • The operation is setting new standards for the effective management of data across the entire industry
  • Data supported by ISO-certified facilities in Germany and Switzerland and compliant with EU security standards, data protection legislation and AIFMD
  • SSL connection using one of the most secure encryption methods for stricter confidentiality practices

London, 30 November 2017 – Tristan Capital Partners, the pan-European real estate investment manager, has entered into a framework agreement with leading virtual data room provider Drooms to collect, structure, host and exchange documents via a single online platform.  

The move from a number of standalone software systems to a single data room provider will facilitate the control and organisation of data by Tristan Capital Partners across Europe, reduce complexity, increase efficiency, guarantee fast access to information and optimise response time to rapidly changing market circumstances.

Previously, documents relating to Tristan Capital Partners’ investment portfolio have been stored online with a number of virtual data room (VDR) providers. In February 2017, the firm began centralising its data as part of a longstanding plan to successfully innovate and streamline current practices.

By engaging with the EU service provider hosting the data on EU servers, Tristan Capital Partners is compliant with the Alternative Investment Fund Managers Directive, EU data protection legislation and European security standards.  The adoption of enhanced security measures will continue to reduce risk contributing to a new international standard for data management.

Jean-Philippe Blangy, Managing Director of Portfolio and Asset Management at Tristan Capital Partners commented: “During the procurement stage it was important to identify and select the most effective system and platform for our stakeholders. Drooms provides a number of key benefits. The centralisation of data in a secure and structured way streamlines processes contributing to increased efficiency and the speed at which we can move on assets.  Drooms has provided a solution that delivers the technological flexibility and performance required to meet market needs”.

 “Our goal is to empower experts by developing intuitive tools that don’t feel like a burden. With everything just a click away, decision-making can be more accurate and businesses more successful” Jan Hoffmeister, Managing Director, Drooms.

Increasing market volatility is speeding up the rate at which companies need to bring their assets to market in order to avoid missing out on favourable opportunities. Offering a high degree of transparency, the new solution will increase reactivity and limit overall time spent on preparing for a transaction. Permanent virtual data rooms for the whole lifecycle of a fund can help make real estate market ready even at extremely short notice. 

About Tristan Capital Partners

Tristan Capital Partners is an employee-owned investment management boutique specialising in real estate investment strategies across the UK and Continental Europe. Tristan’s pan-European real estate funds include core-plus and value-added/opportunistic strategies with total assets under management of over €8 billion. Tristan is the portfolio manager for core plus funds Curzon Capital Partners III and Curzon Capital Partners IV and for the private equity funds European Property Investors, LP, European Property Investors Special Opportunities, LP and European Property Investors Special Opportunities 3, LP and European Property Investors Special Opportunities 4 LP. Tristan’s headquarters are in London and it has offices in Luxembourg, Milan, Paris, Stockholm, Dusseldorf, Madrid and Warsaw.   Please visit www.tristancap.com

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