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Technology Enabled Tools and How They Affect Your Team

January 26, 2021

An article by Bella Robinson

Technological advancement has taken its toll on almost everything. From the way we live and how we go about our daily routines even during work processes, many changes have been recorded. While some are mild, most of these changes are obvious and make a massive difference in productivity.

As a team manager, you should bear in mind that employing and embracing technological advancements is an essential factor in improving your team’s productivity and individual contributions.

Benefits of Using Technology-Enabled Tools in Your Team

There are various technological tools for different aspects of the organisational operation, and every one of these tools has their unique ways in which they influence your team’s output. The benefits of harnessing technology are numerous, and they include the following:

  • Technological devices make working more comfortable and faster. They also improve the quality of work done by a team.
  • With these tools, you can simplify your work processes, making it easier to get every team member on the job.
  • The use of these tools helps to save extra costs that would have been incurred in correcting low-quality jobs or projects.
  • These tools make the team’s management and supervision much more efficient, leading to an increase in productivity.

You should always find new ways or tools to keep your files secure. One of them is by converting documents from Word to PDF, something that will prevent any changes in formatting to occur.

Technology Enabled Tools You Should Employ in Your Team

Listed below are standard technology-enabled tools you should use in your team:

Internet Connectivity Tools

With the advent of the internet, virtually everything is now done online, from communication to execution of tasks, supervision, and monitoring of the team. Any team must invest in sound internet systems that help to speed up the functioning of their workers.

Most other tools and structures you will have in your organisation or within your team will rely on internet facilities for functioning. The internet is arguably one of the most remarkable outcomes of technology in the world today.

The recent pandemic outbreak of COVID-19 has shown us how important it is for every team to leverage the internet for their operations online. It helps to sufficiently maintain a remote unit that can function maximally.

Communication Tools

Communication technology has consistently been delivering methods in which people can stay connected with each other. These tools are being used to improve communication by trying to solve challenges as they present themselves. Now it is possible to make group discussions, private and secure communications, and even video calls with these technology-enabled communication tools.

Communication has now gone well beyond transferring messages and information using gadgets and devices. Directly, a team can communicate within themselves and also with external bodies like their clients through virtual assistants.

Using advanced communication tools like virtual assistants makes it easier for team members to attend to their clients’ needs faster than they could have if they had to do it in person. It also means that customers can receive solutions from the comfort of their homes with these tools.

Storage Tools

Manual storage is no longer a thing with the numerous available storage tools that store data limitlessly. With these storage tools, you do not risk losing information to natural hazards or accidents.

Storage has now advanced beyond using computer storage devices like hard drives or flash drives because these systems have also been discovered to be prone to loss of data due to damage. It is now possible to store your files in the cloud, where you can always retrieve them from any location at any time.

Task Management Tools

These technology-enabled tools help the team manage their tasks and projects. You have project management tools like Asana, Slack, Personio, and Trello that help you coordinate work in a group.

With task management tools, you monitor how much work is completed per time. You have parameters for the measure of efficiency and improvements in sectors where there are lapses.

Final word

Generally, technological tools have a significant impact on the delivery of a team. Harnessing these tools will make your work more accessible as a team manager, and boost every member of your team’s individual quality.

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