ESG Factsheet: What to consider in the Netherlands?

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The Netherlands is an EU member and committed to EU legislation such as:

  • EU Taxonomy which is a Europe-wide standardised classification system for sustainable economic activities.
  • The European Green Deal which is set to cut CO2 emissions in Europe by 2030 compared with 1990 levels.
  • The European Disclosure Regulation which focuses on sustainability in financial products such as real estate funds.
  • National climate targets are set in the National Climate Agreement (Klimaatakkoord).
    • Climate targets are set for real estate developers and companies requiring specific energy labelling.
    • Private homeowners are supported with subsidies to move away from energy forms such as natural gas.
    • By 2050, the country aims to reduce CO2 emissions by 95%.
  • Subsidy scheme (SDE++) promotes the use of technologies avoiding CO2 production.
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