Asset life cycle management

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Asset management processes have become increasingly streamlined over the past few decades. Asset owners and managers still face numerous challenges however.

For example, when it comes to asset management processes, owners are demanding a greater degree of transparency from asset managers. Additionally, to avoid the risk of missing out on favourable sales opportunities, the ability to react quickly to continual changes in the market is required. And when it comes to due diligence, all transaction-relevant data should be readily available to avoid unnecessary asset price reductions or even the loss of a sale.

The reality is that all it takes sometimes is a single missing document for an entire deal to fall through.

The use of a life cycle data room allows transaction-relevant documents to be available at all times during an asset’s entire life cycle (buy/hold/sell).

This practical whitepaper explains:

  • Creation of long-term value via standardised and sustainable data preparation
  • Steps to successfully implement a life cycle data room
  • A "Best practice" example


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