Question & Answer Tool (Q&A)

The Q&A platform integrated into Drooms NXG ensures increased automation of due diligence. Encompassing everything from questioning and checking questions, to assigning questions to a specialist team and replying and publishing answers, the tool is one of a kind. Drooms NXG is taking the Q&A process to the next level!

Easy to Configure

Thanks to its intuitive interface, you can configure the entire Q&A process, even the most advanced and complex ones, all by yourself. Manage the approval settings for the pre-screening of questions in an efficient and transparent way.

Drooms Q&A configuration


Automate the answering process by assigning specialist teams to different index points for a more efficient workflow. Attach a document to an answer, or link an answer to a document in the data room when you answer a question.

Drooms Q&A Edit Questions

Efficient and Transparent

Decide when the process starts and ends, as well as how many questions can be asked per day, per week or in total. To ensure compliance, all questions and answers must be included in the reporting. The Q&A tool logs all questions and answers and gives the option of exporting them after the process has been completed.

Drooms Q&A Dashboard Answers

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