Asset lifecycle management

In today’s increasingly volatile markets, companies that wish to move assets need to bring them to the market quickly in order to avoid missing out on favourable opportunities. Setting up a data room properly can take up to three months – and the faster the required information is prepared, the faster and smoother a transaction can proceed, reducing the minimum holding period.

Reduce holding periods

Continually updating documents in a virtual data room is less cost-intensive overall than starting from scratch for every transaction's due diligence process. Drooms offers structured storage of transaction-related documents throughout an asset’s life cycle, reducing the holding period and bringing your asset to market faster. 

Increase the value of your asset

The value of a particular asset, be it a property, company, or patent, is also dependent on complete and accurate documentation, which often provides a basis for a fair and accurate evaluation. To put it simply – the better and more organised your documentation, the better the perceived value of your asset.


Control and streamline asset documentation in your organisation

Create a centralised overview of all crucial documents within one data room. Decentralised funds often have assets spread all over the world, with each entrusted to different local asset managers. In order to guarantee the same level of quality with regards to asset documentation and achieve a qualified, state-of-the-art document base, it is important to implement standard processes within your organisation. This brings transparency to your portfolio and also helps meet regulatory requirements, such as the Alternative Investment Fund Directive (AIFMD). With Drooms PORTFOLIO, you can ensure that all required information is readily available and accessible to all stakeholders, investors, depositories, and regulators.

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