Technical Due Diligence Index

What you need to prepare your deal.

Technical Due Diligence Index

When acquiring or selling a property, a well-done technical due diligence is a must ensuring the success of the deal. We have created a detailed index that can easily be uploaded to your data room. Download it now!

Why a Standard Index

The documentation needed for due diligence must be organised in a virtual data room according to a transparent index structure. When multiple parties from around the world are involved in a transaction, it is critical to have a standard index structure that facilitates the workflow.
The Technical Due Diligence Index is intended to be a basis for technical due diligence. With Drooms NXG, you can easily update the index structure by deleting, adding or replacing folders. Of course, you can also upload it to your data room as it is.

You can use the index for all your transactions, including cross-border: it is also available in German, French, Spanish and Italian.

You’re all set to start with your due diligence! 

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