Drooms Data Room Manuals

Drooms NXG screenshot

Drooms NXG Download and Installation

System and Network Requirements

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Drooms Data Room Quick Start Guides

Detailed instructions on how to register with Drooms and set up the software.

Quick Start Guides

Drooms Data Room Manual

Explains the basic use of virtual data rooms in Drooms for users who are tasked with documentation review.

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Manual for Deal Manager

Contains detailed information on the administration of Drooms by Deal Managers (e.g., the index, documents, users, groups, and permissions).

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Manual for Content Administrator

Focuses on the administration of specific index sections that are assigned to Content Administrators.

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Q&A Bidder View

Covers the Q&A features for bidders who ask questions within the virtual data room.

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Q&A Specialist View

Covers the Q&A features for specialists who answer questions from bidders.

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Q&A Management

Covers the Q&A features for members of management who approve questions and answers.

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Drooms Client Installation & Configuration Requirements

Contains a detailed overview of all configurations and settings necessary in order to properly install and run Drooms.

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