'How to' Webinar: FINDINGS MANAGER

Large transactions can require the in-depth review of thousands of documents. This task is extremely time-consuming! Drooms saves you time - and money - with the Drooms FINDINGS MANAGER. Built with artificial intelligence and designed to adapt to your workflow, this is the only tool on the market able to speed up transaction due diligence. Simply generate and qualify findings to create your Red Flag reports.

Sign up to the Drooms 'How to' webinar and find out how to:

  • Review traditional documentation with Drooms’ convenient FINDINGS MANAGER creator
  • Generate categories and run an automatic pre-analysis of the whole data room based on your needs
  • Create language and industry templates for data room pre-analysis at the push of a button

For more information about the webinar in German click here.

Reasons to join:

The Drooms FINDINGS MANAGER was developed to significantly enhance the vendor and buy-side experience. Drooms is the first to leverage machine learning technology, also known as Artificial Intelligence, to crawl all the documents in your data room and run a pre-selection, identifying potential risks and opportunities inherent a transaction. The correct use of the Findings Manager will save you both time and money resulting in a huge speed advantage for any transaction professional.

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