Drooms in the news

31 May 2017 BDaily

Virtual data room provider is bringing AI to the due diligence process

...Drooms, which is one of the biggest European providers of virtual data rooms, is utilising artificial intelligence (AI) and natural language processing to support its international expansion into new markets.

01 May 2017 Wealth and Finance

From online deal-sourcing to due diligence - the next level of investment

Drooms, the virtual data room provider, has recently strengthened its expertise in the field of lifecycle asset management with the acquisition of DealMarket. Here, Jan Hoffmeister tells us more about the purchase and Drooms’ plans to utilise its new-found assets going forward.

16 December 2016 Banking Tech

Drooms acquires Swiss fintech firm DealMarket

Drooms, a provider of virtual data rooms, has agreed a deal to acquire DealMarket with effect from 1 January 2017 to boost its service portfolio for the entire asset lifecycle.

31 October 2016 Banking Tech

Next-generation virtual data room launched by Drooms

No more drowning in tons of paper and receiving eye-watering bills from lawyers – Drooms introduces a brand new virtual data room, Drooms NXG. The work is a result of a two-year development, says Jan Hoffmeister, managing director and co-founder of Drooms, and features self-learning software and automatic translation from core European languages to English.

06 October 2016 Private Equity Wire

Drooms launches virtual data room

Drooms has launched its new virtual data room Drooms NXG, an intuitive platform designed to increase automation of due diligence processes, for example within the framework of mergers and acquisitions, real estate transactions and IPOs

01 October 2016 European Technology

The future of the life sciences lies in Technology

Is diegetisation is already at the core of money business procesess. The automation of the workflows is the next revolution that will affect companies at all levels. The vision which inspires many technology companies is a world where many time consuming tasks are optimized and made easier, allowing people the freedom to have more time for strategic decision making.