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05 January 2018 Information Age

Should financial experts fear the rise of artificial intelligence?

The media discussion about artificial intelligence (AI) has gravitated heavily around the idea that machines will soon replace humans, leaving them with nothing to do, or at best forcing humankind to become data scientists. Almost certainly there is some truth in the rhetoric that AI will take over from humans in certain jobs eventually, but certainly in the financial services that time is not now. The truth is that AI is not about to automate most professions but rather complement human intelligence.

05 January 2018 Telco Professionals

Global Virtual Data Room Market Set to Witness an Uptick of USD 1,836.47 Million by 2022

Global Virtual Data Room Market: This research report focuses on Past-Current Share, Size, Trends, Analysis, Segment Forecast. The global Virtual Data Room market has seen a potential growth over the past years. The Virtual Data Room industry is estimated to reach USD 1,836.47 Million in 2022, growing at a CAGR of 13.90% between 2017 and 2022 according to this study.

21 December 2017 Finance Monthly

The Cloud vs GDPR: a Compliance Nightmare?

The General Data Protection Regulation (GDPR), referred to by some as ‘the’ biggest change to European privacy laws in the last two decades, is causing commotion across the globe as businesses rush to become compliant by May 2018 or risk facing heavy sanctions.

11 December 2017 Business Immo

Frankfurt's Tower 185 sold to Deka for €775m, almost €300m over 2011 cost

Austrian listed CA Immo said it has sold its largest single investment asset, Tower 185 in Frankfurt, to the Deka savings bank group for a total €775m. Drooms has accompanied the sale of the 200m high Tower 185 by providing the Drooms NXG virtual dataroom for the online due diligence process.

04 December 2017 Finance Monthly

How AI is learning the language of finance

Q, the first cinema robot appeared in The Master Mystery in 1919. Ever since then we have seen fictional automatons of various shapes and sizes wreak havoc on the human race.

16 November 2017 IT Pro Portal

The growing importance of machine learning in real estate transactions

The European real estate sector continues to flourish in regions such as the UK and Germany, despite strong and unpredictable economic and political headwinds. Successful transactions depend on high quality and detailed due diligence, but competition for the most lucrative deals can sometimes lead organisations to compromise on this stage of the process.

25 October 2017 Wealth & Finance

Artificial intelligence is empowering financial experts, not replacing them

When in 1950 mathematician Alan Turing asked ‘Can machines think?’ he did not imagine that this question would trigger decades of research and the rise of an entire new market. Yet, in 2014, Google invested US$400 million in artificial intelligence (AI) startup DeepMind. Although AI still conserves an aura of otherworldly technology bound to take over pretty much everything, a new trend is emerging which improves interactions between humans and machines – augmented intelligence.

19 October 2017 Digital Journal

Drooms expands global presence in M&A sector

Drooms, Europe’s leading provider of virtual data rooms, is expanding its M&A team internationally. Alexander Groß (40) who joins the Corporate Finance and M&A team will look after German M&A market customers as well as operating at an international level in Eastern Europe, Turkey, the Middle East and North Africa.

17 October 2017 IT Pro Portal

Investors look to the cloud to improve deal flow management and due dilligence

The goal of technology in the investment world is to automate and make use of smart machines so that all stakeholders can spend their time on executing strategic and meaningful tasks.

12 October 2017 CCR Magazine

Virtual data room Drooms NXG now also available as a browser version

Drooms has expanded access options for its virtual data room Drooms NXG. Data room projects can now be accessed via a browser as well as from desktop and mobile applications. The browser version is now available without the need for any pre-installed plug-ins so that customers can enjoy unrestricted access whenever they like.