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04 May 2018 MARGINALIA

75 percent of real estate professionals see increasing use of AI as a complement to human roles rather than a replacement

New research published by Drooms, the provider of virtual data rooms in Europe, has found that the use of artificial intelligence (AI) in real estate transactions is increasing despite perceived barriers such as a lack of relevant skills to implement AI technology.

Drooms: CRE pros foresee to adopt AI adoption

Three out of four real estate professionals forsee increasing use of artificial intelligence which complements human roles rather than replacing them.

07 February 2018 Raconteur

Application of AI in the legal sector: challenges and opportunities

The terms fintech and proptech are bandied around a lot these days. Indeed many would agree that their free and almost interchangeable use has made the terms into something of a cliché. However, buzz words and their exact definition aside, the increasing role technology is playing in industry shows no signs of dissipating.

06 February 2018 Global Banking And Finance

Augmented intelligence – why financial service professionals need not fear the rise of AI

The financial services industry has understood the potential hidden in applications of Artificial Intelligence (AI) for some time. Of the 5,000 FinTech start-ups identified by a 2016 report by Ernst & Young, a large number are set to bring intelligence to a banking world that often lacks innovation.

12 January 2018 Property Investor Europe

Drooms: Tackling inefficiencies in the commercial real estate market

Despite unpredictable economic and political headwinds, the European real estate sector continues to flourish, albeit in some regions more than others. Successful transactions depend on high quality and detailed due diligence, but competition for the most lucrative deals can sometimes lead organisations to compromise on this stage of the process.

05 January 2018 Information Age

Should financial experts fear the rise of artificial intelligence?

The media discussion about artificial intelligence (AI) has gravitated heavily around the idea that machines will soon replace humans, leaving them with nothing to do, or at best forcing humankind to become data scientists. Almost certainly there is some truth in the rhetoric that AI will take over from humans in certain jobs eventually, but certainly in the financial services that time is not now. The truth is that AI is not about to automate most professions but rather complement human intelligence.

05 January 2018 Telco Professionals

Global Virtual Data Room Market Set to Witness an Uptick of USD 1,836.47 Million by 2022

Global Virtual Data Room Market: This research report focuses on Past-Current Share, Size, Trends, Analysis, Segment Forecast. The global Virtual Data Room market has seen a potential growth over the past years. The Virtual Data Room industry is estimated to reach USD 1,836.47 Million in 2022, growing at a CAGR of 13.90% between 2017 and 2022 according to this study.

21 December 2017 Finance Monthly

The Cloud vs GDPR: a Compliance Nightmare?

The General Data Protection Regulation (GDPR), referred to by some as ‘the’ biggest change to European privacy laws in the last two decades, is causing commotion across the globe as businesses rush to become compliant by May 2018 or risk facing heavy sanctions.

11 December 2017 Business Immo

Frankfurt's Tower 185 sold to Deka for €775m, almost €300m over 2011 cost

Austrian listed CA Immo said it has sold its largest single investment asset, Tower 185 in Frankfurt, to the Deka savings bank group for a total €775m. Drooms has accompanied the sale of the 200m high Tower 185 by providing the Drooms NXG virtual dataroom for the online due diligence process.

04 December 2017 Finance Monthly

How AI is learning the language of finance

Q, the first cinema robot appeared in The Master Mystery in 1919. Ever since then we have seen fictional automatons of various shapes and sizes wreak havoc on the human race.