Drooms in the news

14 October 2019 Arabian Business

UAE needs real estate masterplan, say experts

Creation of masterplan would increase investor confidence and provide more transparency in industry.

01 October 2019 Finance Monthly

General Partners must sharpen diligence to survive a possible downturn

For general partners (GPs), investing huge amounts of capital now comes with heightened risks. They are paying extra costs and looking to capture value that may not materialise post-close. To address this, Rosanna Woods, UK Managing Director at Drooms, suggests that the most effective GPs are scaling up their strategies by investing in diligence.

31 May 2019 Finance Monthly

Collaboration Between Banks & FinTechs Is The New Way Forward

Banks are increasingly behaving like FinTechs, and some have even started partnering with them. The digital transformation, in which FinTechs have played a prominent role, has brought with it new cognitive technologies and macro forces such as blockchain and the digital experience, which are continuously shaping all areas of banking.

17 April 2019 New Law Journal

Virtually legal: making technology work for you

Adopting a ‘digital first strategy’ will help firms stay competitive, says Rosanna Woods.

27 February 2019 Finance Monthly

The FinTech Sector is Here to Stay Despite Brexit

While the political and economic uncertainty surrounding Brexit continues, one thing remains certain - technological innovation will continue to disrupt the financial services industry.

18 February 2019 Lawyer Monthly

Lawyer Bots Can Do More Than Automate Mundane Legal Tasks

The legal industry faces ever-increasing demands from clients for faster services and accurate results. An obvious response is to adopt the time-saving and efficiency-driving technologies that are widely available and being incorporated into many other industries.

14 February 2019 Lawyer Monthly

Who Is Behind the Developing Status Quo in the Legal Sector?

Lawyers currently face a technology learning curve that is challenging the procedural status quo of the due diligence processes they apply to mergers and acquisitions (M&A).

01 December 2018 Business Trends

Industry first: blockchain tech in virtual data room

Drooms, Europe’s leading virtual data room provider, recently introduced the first virtual data room with blockchain technology. This combined with its use of artificial intelligence has won the company a 2018 European Property Finance Award in the Innovator of the Year category.

30 November 2018 Finance Monthly

Blockchain Technology – Taking Data Rooms into the Modern Era

Blockchain has been synonymous with crypto currencies for some time but its range of applications and roles in the wider digital transformation are now much more fully understood. This is certainly true of the financial industry, which is gradually shaking off its legacy systems and incorporating this revolutionary technology into an ever-growing number of uses.

13 November 2018 Property Funds World

Over half of real estate fund managers see focus on due diligence increasing, says new research

Due diligence on retail property transactions is set to become more demanding, according to new research among real estate fund managers commissioned by European data room provider Drooms.