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August 2020 Realty Plus

Technology for enhanced business & user experience

Jan Hoffmeister, chairman and co-founder, Drooms believes, leveraging technology can create a more informed strategy to improve user experience.

28 May 2020 Finance Monthly

Virtual Data Rooms Open Doors For Insolvent & Bankrupt Businesses

The COVID-19 outbreak has impacted the global economy to an extent not seen since the Great Depression. Businesses face unprecedented challenges and although massive remedial actions by governments and central banks will help, the economic outlook is incredibly bleak.

19 May 2020 iREOC

COVID-19 crisis exposes digital shortcomings in real estate

The COVID-19 crisis has exposed a "digital deficit" within the real estate industry, according to Alexandre Grellier, CEO and co-founder of Drooms.

01 March 2020 IPE Real Assests

Proptech: Future funders

Investors and fund managers are investing directly in proptech firms. Are they doing it for the long-term interests of the industry?

28 January 2020 UAE Business

Retail Congress MENA 2019 acknowledges industry leaders at the opening ceremony of the conference

Retail Congress MENA brings together shopping centre industry professionals, retailers, management and consulting companies, architects and design companies, entertainment and leisure companies, product and service providers to the industry,
all under one roof for two days of industry leaders speeches, education, networking and deal making while exploring new business opportunities.

29 November 2019 Finance Monthly

European Real Estate Assets Remain Attractive Despite Geopolitical Uncertainties

As a New Year and indeed decade approaches, there is growing consensus that Europe’s real estate market is entering the last stages of the current investment cycle. The US vs. China trade war, Brexit and geopolitical risks in the Middle East have contributed to a slowdown by generating market uncertainty over the last year. Although Europe’s economy may avoid recession, growth is widely expected to remain subdued over the next 12 to 18 months and there are lingering questions about how much further the cycle has to run. Rosanna Woods, UK Managing Director at Drooms, explores the future of the real estate industry in Europe.

14 October 2019 Arabian Business

UAE needs real estate masterplan, say experts

Creation of masterplan would increase investor confidence and provide more transparency in industry.

01 October 2019 Finance Monthly

General Partners must sharpen diligence to survive a possible downturn

For general partners (GPs), investing huge amounts of capital now comes with heightened risks. They are paying extra costs and looking to capture value that may not materialise post-close. To address this, Rosanna Woods, UK Managing Director at Drooms, suggests that the most effective GPs are scaling up their strategies by investing in diligence.

31 May 2019 Finance Monthly

Collaboration Between Banks & FinTechs Is The New Way Forward

Banks are increasingly behaving like FinTechs, and some have even started partnering with them. The digital transformation, in which FinTechs have played a prominent role, has brought with it new cognitive technologies and macro forces such as blockchain and the digital experience, which are continuously shaping all areas of banking.

17 April 2019 New Law Journal

Virtually legal: making technology work for you

Adopting a ‘digital first strategy’ will help firms stay competitive, says Rosanna Woods.