Drooms in the news

01 July 2021 Lawyer Monthly

How Law Firms Can Help Protect Clients Against Cyberattacks

As the legal industry grows increasingly digitised, what can firms do to ensure they do not become the victim of a costly attack?

14 April 2021 IPE Real Assests

Proptech: Beyond the spreadsheet

Real estate can be somewhat of a laggard when it comes to technology. But COVID-19 is accelerating the proptech revolution, writes Maha Khan Phillips.

01 April 2021 Lawyer Monthly

AI and VDR is a Powerful Combination in Real Estate Transactions

Concerns that Artificial Intelligence (AI) puts at risk our existence goes as far back as the 1940s (at least), when Isaac Asimov wrote the short stories that later constituted the book I, Robot.

06 January 2021 Finance Monthly

Here’s What’s Needed As M&A Competition Hots Up

Mergers and acquisitions are firmly back on the agenda. The COVID pandemic caused widespread uncertainty, but with positive news about a vaccine becoming widely available in 2021 and now that the US presidential election is over, the way is clearer for takeovers, especially of those companies that were weakened by the pandemic’s impact.

01 December 2020 TECH TALK RADIO

Why are real estate investors still disconnected from technology? Data room provider Drooms chief lifts the lid on the sluggish digitisation of real estate

Who's feeling festive during lockdown? EG tech and global reporter Lucy Alderson asks all the burning questions in this week's Tech Talk Radio. Keeping on the subject of lockdown, Alderson also flags EG's 2020 mental health survey analysis (which will be featured in this week's magazine) which looks at how Covid has impacted real estate professionals this year, and what lessons we can learn from a tough year for all.

11 November 2020 Property Funds World

Drooms survey reveals need for increasing digitisation across the European property market

Six months on from the lockdown instigated in March 2020 due to the onset of Covid-19, Drooms has surveyed approximately 540 institutional real estate investors in Europe to examine how the pandemic has impacted the adoption of digitisation within the European property market.

30 October 2020 CEO Networking Forum & Expo

EuropaProperty completes second digitally enhanced gala to celebrate the 10th annual CEE Investment & Manufacturing Awards

We are honored to be awarded ‘M&A Professional Service Provider 2020’ at the 10th Annual CEE Investment & Manufacturing Investment Awards this year

13 October 2020 APAC Entrepreneur

Alexandre Grellier honored among the "Most Dynamic Entrepreneurs of 2020 from Across the World"

Alexandre Grellier has officially been honoured as Germany’s Most Dynamic Entrepreneur to Watch 2020 by APAC Entrepreneur Magazine.

28 May 2020 Finance Monthly

Virtual Data Rooms Open Doors For Insolvent & Bankrupt Businesses

The COVID-19 outbreak has impacted the global economy to an extent not seen since the Great Depression. Businesses face unprecedented challenges and although massive remedial actions by governments and central banks will help, the economic outlook is incredibly bleak.

19 May 2020 iREOC

COVID-19 crisis exposes digital shortcomings in real estate

The COVID-19 crisis has exposed a "digital deficit" within the real estate industry, according to Alexandre Grellier, CEO and co-founder of Drooms.