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The cloud vs GDPR: a compliance nightmare?

GDPR Drooms Compliance

This month we were featured in Finance Monthly and shared our expertise in the field of data privacy and protection. Drooms cofounder and chairman Jan Hoffmeister points out the challenges facing businesses that rely on cloud services – basically everyone. We share some excerpts on what the new regulation means for cloud service providers as data processes and some basic steps to compliance below! Just follow these recommendations to ensure a smooth transition as of May 2018.

09. January 2018 | Drooms Global

The benefits of the EU data protection reform (GDPR) for businesses

The EU is embarking on an update to its data protection rules. We’ve previously outlined the schedule of the changes, but now it is time to consider the benefits of the reform. Individuals will naturally benefit a great deal by taking back control of their personal data. The reform will also provide huge benefits to businesses, yet there are some elements which must be paid attention to.

20. November 2017 | Drooms Global

Data room software put to the test: application or browser?

We all have at least one “app” in our smartphone, be it for our daily fitness, our next restaurant search or as a professional tool such as a virtual data room. And we all use our web browser for both work and leisure. It's not an either-or situation, though: only combined do applications and browsers deliver the most efficiently performing and flexible user experience. That’s why Drooms NXG is now available via browser as well as app. A Drooms’ developer explains us why.

02. August 2017 | Drooms Global

Who is leading the blockchain revolution?

Who is leading the blockchain revolution?

Billions of financial transactions take place around the world every single day between businesses, individuals and entities. Up until the technological revolution, the way financial transactions took place had remained largely unchanged. Nowadays, this revolution has truly gathered speed, with blockchain transforming how transactions happen. Could this spell the end of traditional financial services?

06. July 2017 | Drooms Global

Why two-factor authentication technology is the future of data security

Virtual Data Room Drooms

Technology is constantly changing, meaning that we too must adapt to innovations. However, one aspect of technology has stood the test of time. Not much has changed in terms of passwords being used to authenticate and secure digital accounts. But with the rise of cybercrime, it seems the old way of doing things may finally have to make way for something new: two-factor authentication. But what is two-factor authentication and why is it the future of data security?

13. June 2017 | Drooms Global

Digitisation of the investment processes and fundraising

Drooms Deal Flow

Investment processes have transformed in recent years thanks to the technological revolution. Processes like fundraising have become digitised and transformed from deals you make in the back of an office room to clicks of a button online. What is driving the digitisation of the investment processes?

25. April 2017 | Drooms Global

Why you need a virtual data room

Virtual Data Room Drooms

The cloud is everywhere and we often take it for granted. In fact, not every cloud is the same. You might be ok with storing pictures of your last vacation on whatever cloud service—practice we advise against anyway!—but your business information should never be stored and shared uncritically. That’s where virtual data rooms (VDRs) come in: they offer a higher degree of protection for everything confidential.

18. April 2017 | Drooms Global

Infographic: The Top 4 Q&A Features in Data Rooms

The Question & Answer (Q&A) process is a critical part of every due diligence. This quarter, we have asked 300 M&A and real estate professionals what they expect from the Q&A technology in virtual data rooms. And we have one resounding response from them...

10. February 2017 | Drooms Global

Study: Technology in the Workplace

For many employees, the technology used at work is not as efficient as it could be and ends up hindering productivity. A Kelton survey shows that people rely on technology to having a better life. Which criteria help you to identify a good file sharing application?

18. January 2016