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Public vs. private cloud: which is best?

Cloud computing is an integral part of a business’ success and can provide a whole host of benefits including increased flexibility and a reduction in costs. But with many options available, which solution comes out on top and why?

12. July 2019 | Drooms Global

Good vs bad UI/UX: a designer’s perspective

What makes a website or application stand out? This is not an easy question to answer when you consider that it is often only when we come across poorly designed UI and UX that we even pay any attention to it.

04. July 2019

The Benefits of Cloud Storage

Cloud storage has become increasingly popular in business and is widely used across industries. Its success is largely due to the host of advantages it offers.

01. July 2019 | Drooms Global

Preparing for the Era of Digital Transformation

Fully leveraging the opportunities brought about by digital technologies is on most businesses ‘To do’ list. Undergoing change though digital transformation enables companies to improve operations and provide better value to customers but preparation is key to success.

24. February 2019 | Drooms Global

Three Benefits to Storing Data in the Cloud

Three Benefits to Storing Data in the Cloud

The cloud allows businesses to store and access information in a way that frees them from certain cost structures and inconveniences associated with on-premise servers. “Simply put, cloud computing is a better way to run your business,” says industry expert Marc Benioff. With this said, the overall value of a cloud strategy may still be determined by organisational specifics and execution on a case-by-case basis. Oracle’s Mark Hurd believes that businesses will continue to find this value. He predicts that “80 percent of enterprises will shut down their data centres by 2025” in favour of cloud services. Here are just a few of the benefits that can be achieved through cloud storage.

18. December 2018 | Drooms Global