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The five property management technology trends to watch out for

Nothing remains the same for long in the property management sector, particularly with the increasing number of tech-savvy millennials swapping life in the family home for buying or renting their own place. This generation have their own requirements and expectations that are driving big changes in the way properties are marketed. What are we seeing in 2019? Let’s take a close look at the technology trends.

26. June 2019

The Smart Cities of Tomorrow

According to the United Nations, 55% of us currently live in settlements with high population density and infrastructure. By 2050, the UN predicts this to rise to a staggering 68%. So what technological solutions are being implemented to meet the increasing pressure put on the likes of infrastructure?

28. March 2019 | Drooms Global

Real estate: a year in review

The start of a new year is always a good time to step back and reflect on the previous year. For the real estate industry, 2018 offered plenty of positives during a time of big uncertainty. In general, we saw many practice caution in 2018 as geopolitical conditions continued to cause ambiguity. The sector did however present many opportunities for those following the right investment strategies.

26. February 2019 | Drooms Global

Predicting the Future of Asset Management

Asset Management

Technology is shaping the asset management industry, and has the potential to transform processes, operations and systems, creating something different for future generations to enjoy. So, what will the future look like and what role will we play? What kind of short and long-term predictions can be made? How can today’s leaders continue to succeed in the future?

15. October 2018 | Drooms Global

What factors can jeopardise real estate due diligence?

real estate due diligence Drooms NXG

The global real estate investment industry is heating up. Core markets are experiencing growth, with cross-border investment slowly on the rise. As demand in the primary cities intensifies, secondary cities will see a spillover when it comes to competition leading to heightened risks and the need for stronger due diligence.

08. January 2018 | Drooms Global