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The Rise of Legal Operations


Digital transformation is disrupting the legal profession. Both increased competition and the rise of technology is shifting how in-house legal departments and consequently law firms, operate. This has led to the rise of legal ops which seek to enhance the delivery of legal services to businesses.

25. April 2019 | Drooms Global

The General Data Protection Regulation and the issue of personal liability

General Data Protection Regulation

For organisations preventing and at worst containing a data breach is essential in the digital world. In cases where confidential information is leaked or disclosed illegally, liability becomes a major concern. Identifying the reason for the incident is not only vital to rectify the issue but also to ensure preventative steps are taken to stop it from happening again.

12. April 2018 | Drooms Global

The legal profession in 2025: self-learning and specialised

Legal professionals have already started using software based on collecting data meant to provide intelligence and great benefit to clients. Tools that learn from and analyse material more quickly than manpower are of great help already.

30. September 2017

Six reasons lawyers should choose data rooms

Drooms NXG virtual data room

Relationships between clients and lawyers are important and involve a lot of communication and sharing of documents. The relationship is built on trust as sensitive information passes hands. This means lawyers must implement and employ a proper communication channel for managing documents. For this, electronic document management systems are popular. They allow sharing more freely and remove the need to physically send and alter the documents. Cloud software, such as Dropbox, is a popular option, but special data rooms would actually be more beneficial in many instances. Here’s a look at the six reasons data rooms like Drooms NXG are a better alternative for lawyers than generic cloud software.

31. July 2017 | Drooms Global

From Proposal to Law: EU’s New Data Protection Regulations

EU data protection regulations

Data protection is a big talking point in the modern world. Big security breaches have taken place across the globe, and companies and national governments alike have been found collecting data in ways many people are not comfortable with. People are looking for better protection – indeed, over 90% of Europeans want better data protection across the European Union. The EU has answered these calls. Since 2012, it has been working on its EU Data Protection Reform. In 2018, the EU’s General Data Protection Regulation (GDPR) will come into force. Here’s a look at the timeline for the new rules.

30. June 2017 | Drooms Global

Applications of artificial intelligence are turning lawyers into technologists

Lawyers and Technology

If artificial intelligence is already streamlined within the financial industry, law firms are just starting to invest in disruptive technologies. The first item on the agenda is speeding up processes, namely by replacing long hours of document reviewing with automated and smart workflows. AI is about to change the way we execute due diligence forever.

17. March 2017 | Drooms Global