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Risk factors for cross-border M&A deals

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Merger and acquisition (M&A) deals are never easy or without some level of risk. But the risks can be slightly different and more prevalent when the M&A deal is a cross-border deal. Deloitte’s research into cross-border M&A deals and their associated risk factors revealed what worries executives the most when approaching these deals.

19. October 2017 | Drooms Global

Three mistakes to avoid with energy due diligence

Renewable energy due diligence

Deal making in the energy sector is valuable but can be tricky. The sector can currently be divided into two groups: markets with regulated and well-managed networks, and those that are still looking to develop. Both, however, offer valuable opportunities – as long as due diligence is at the core of deal making.

29. August 2017 | Drooms Global

Startups are discovering the crowd

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One of the areas that has changed the most as a result of digitisation is funding. Startup funding is not what it used to be – there are different ways of funding available with plenty more opportunities to attract investment. How has the change taken place and what do startups need to know about new online funding platforms?

26. July 2017 | Drooms Global

The rise of information services and their importance to M&A

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The world of M&A is becoming more competitive. Much of this competitiveness is driven by the increased digitisation of the finance and business sector. Finding deals and M&A opportunities is done online and deal management is digitalised, with different tools from dealflow management to due diligence being used. The reason digitisation has been so successful and effective is down to the abundance of information. Anyone, from investors to advisors and businesses, is able to find and access information that helps make better deal decisions.

13. July 2017 | Drooms Global

Exclusive networks are shaping M&A advisor roles

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Are you online? That question is one everyone hears these days, whether you work in finance, are a small business owner or an investment guru. Everything is online, making us connect with friends and colleagues, find information, and work and conduct business in the digital world. The digitisation of our lives is truly an on-going process with far-reaching consequences. This kind of digitisation has also changed the way investors and businesses connect with M&A advisors. Indeed, you could wonder whether M&A advisors are becoming obsolete due to this online networking.

29. May 2017 | Drooms Global

Digitisation and its impact on match making

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Digitisation has had a huge impact on how the investment lifecycle works. A big part of the drive towards a more digitalised cycle has been done through online investment platforms. More specifically, these platforms have made deal matching much more straightforward and enhanced the quality of deal making.

18. May 2017 | Drooms Global

6 challenges M&A advisors must learn to navigate

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The financial industry is constantly changing – in order for financial advisors to provide value for their clients, they need to be able to identify these challenges and adopt the necessary changes. The world is becoming more interconnected and technology is transforming the way we communicate and do business. Both trends are driving the main challenges M&A advisors need to navigate and overcome if they want to continue providing high-quality service to clients.

11. May 2017 | Drooms Global

How to Dress for Success: Investment Banker Edition

While you might nail your interview outfit, you can’t exactly walk to your new investment-banking job wearing a pink tracksuit. Indeed, the banking world is famous for its unwritten dress code and these are the rules every young banker should know – and follow.

07. April 2017 | Drooms Global

Drooms DEALFLOW makes investors easily spot and manage the best deals


The investment market is full of complexity and the best investments opportunities are often hidden jams. Besides experience and knowledge, investors need intelligent technology helping them to sight, catch, and manage the best opportunities out there. With a fully customisable deal flow management, we believe Drooms DEALFLOW is an empowering tool for investors, that’s why it integrated our product portfolio.

21. February 2017 | Drooms Global