Interview with Jenckel

Andy Schaal, Lawyer at Jenckel.


Which project/s do you handle via the platform and how does the platform optimise your workflow?

We make Drooms data rooms available to our clients for corporate and real estate transactions and sometimes set them up for them. The Drooms data room makes it possible to upload documents quickly and easily, so that they can be accessed immediately and from anywhere pending a transaction. This allows for the creation of much more efficient workflows. An additional bonus when it comes to Drooms is its customer service offering.


How did the process of opening a data room via the online shop work?

Opening a data room via the Drooms online shop was very easy. We had no problems at all.


Do you have an example of a positive experience you had with Drooms?

We are very satisfied with Drooms data rooms as they work smoothly. The data is clearly prepared, secured using the highest standards and made available anytime, anywhere. We work with data rooms every day and find the software excellent.


Which features do you use most/are most important to you?

Transaction related functionalities are very valuable in our line of work. The Q&A is particularly helpful for example as it enables questions to be put directly to those involved in the transaction.


Why did you choose the Drooms platform?

I have used Drooms a lot in the past given my line of work. In my opinion, Drooms is one of the most commonly used solutions for the provision of documents by commercial law firms, especially for transactions.


Are you missing a feature or functionality?

Drooms meets our needs! Everything our clients require to complete a transaction is available via the platform.



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