Case study: Cabinet Tripoz

Drooms data room serving the industrial property.

  • The firm Tripoz uses a permanent dataroom for the exchange of sensitive documentation
  • Drooms' security expertise guarantees maximum privacy

"My team puts all its expertise and know-how at the service of our customers. I wish the same dedication and sense of excellence from our service providers. Drooms fulfills these requirements perfectly to ensure maximum security around extremely sensitive data."

Inès Tripoz, founder and director of Cabinet Tripoz

The challenge
Solutions provided by Drooms
Cabinet Tripoz is an industrial property attorney’s firm specialised in chemistry, life sciences, cosmetics and pharmaceuticals. Technical security: access controlled users, granular permissions, logging of activities performed, ISO certified servers.
The firm advises SMEs and innovative start-ups in projects of valuation and acquisition of rights, fundraising and litigation around industrial property. Legal security: compliant with the GDPR and European data protection legislation, storage on servers based in Europe, storage and transmission of encrypted data.
Requires of an ultra-secure solution for exchanging patent applications with colleagues who work with local governments and for audits. Maximum confidentiality: data contained in the Dataroom only accessible by the Cabinet Tripoz and its guest partners, no service is subcontracted by Drooms.