Art-Invest Real Estate

Johannes Nußbaum, Head of Innovation & Corporate Development at Art-Invest Real Estate shares his experience using Drooms virtual data rooms when performing due diligence for real estate transactions. He highlights the benefits of using the Drooms FINDINGS MANAGER to reduce time and increase efficiency throughout the process. Art-Invest Real Estate is a forward looking and innovative firm, committed to accelerate their impact across society via the use of digital technologies. Because of valued customer such as Art-Invest, Drooms has reached a leading role in thriving today's digital transformation

We successfully helped Art-Invest with their transactions. Let us show how we can help you:

About Art-Invest:


Art-Invest is a German real estate investment and project development company, investing in properties with value-added potential in strategic locations in large cities. Art-Invest is a loyal customer of Drooms. The firm is committed to innovation and continuously invest in digital transformation. Find out more on their website.

Four steps to innovation:


  • Running BitStone Capital, a Venture Capital fund financing start-ups in the prop-tech space
  • Having appointed Johannes Nußbaum as new Head of Innovation
  • Investing in highly innovative start-ups
  • Bringing innovation back to customers