One platform. Multiple assets. The virtual data room that takes away the pain and complexity of managing your portfolio.

What else is new:

  • Instead of one data room for multiple assets, Drooms PORTFOLIO makes a data room per asset available within a single platform
  • The master data room is structured in single “tiles” per asset allowing for a unified structure
  • Asset, page and volume-based billing is available according to individual needs
  • With the built-in “expose” feature generating interest in assets has never been simpler

More than 25,000 businesses around the world use Drooms including international Fortune 500 companies

Lifecycle management makes it possible to complete deals more quickly and generate greater sales income while reducing overall costs


When it comes to asset management processes, owners are demanding a greater degree of transparency from asset managers and operating partners. The use of a permanent data room allows transaction-relevant documents to be available at all times during an asset’s entire lifecycle (buy/hold/sell) and is a way to ensure that documents are always up to date. Creating a secure online database in which documents can be accessed and updated on a consistent basis means that sellers can be in full control, reacting quickly to market conditions while avoiding unnecessary asset price reductions or even the loss of a sale.

Drooms and Artificial Intelligence

Drooms’ award winning technology substitutes repetitive manual processes with smart workflows. Groundbreaking features that will gradually rely on this technology more and more include the FINDINGS MANAGER, which allows for the defining and quantifying of potential risks and opportunities specific to a project, resulting in a huge speed advantage for transaction professionals.

More Drooms PORTFOLIO features

Within a portfolio, each asset comes with its own description, gallery of images and location map to provide all the essential information needed at first glance.

Secure access to each asset can be granted to each user group separately. Copying granular index permissions to other groups is quick and easy.

Advanced user management, granular permission settings and a permission overview is available at asset level.

International locations and dedicated customer service

Drooms is headquartered in Frankfurt with branch offices in London, Munich, Vienna, Paris, Amsterdam, Milan, Madrid and Zug. If you need technical support in structuring your data room, Drooms project managers are available exclusively for your project around the clock to help you with the configuration. Individual support is also available upon request in English, German, French, Spanish, Italian, Dutch, and Turkish.