Expert Opinion: Prevent Security Breaches by Working with a Non-Browser Based Applications

06. May 2014

Companies should implement non-browser based apps in order to discourage digital attacks or even avoid them altogether. Drooms provides the only virtual data room based on its own app, protecting companies from security breaches when exchanging confidential information.

Internet Explorer’s most recent security breaches have shown once more just how susceptible web browsers can be to attacks. Jan Hoffmeister, managing director of Drooms and internet security expert, recommends the use of non-browser based applications to prevent digital attacks during the exchange of confidential information. Drooms provides the only virtual data room based on its own application, protecting companies from security breaches in confidential data exchanges. This allows business-critical transactions, such as M&A transactions or commercial property sales, to be conducted securely and without external interference.

Drooms made a conscious decision to forgo the conventional browser-based applications available today on the market. The secure cloud provider developed their own solution, independent of third-party browsers. “The level of security and quality that we offer in comparison to other applications is unrivalled. It’s all down to the individual approach to development,” says Hoffmeister. “Simply download Drooms once and it is available to use on your desktop computer, PC, laptop, or mobile device. Business-critical transactions are too important for companies to expose themselves to the danger of targeted attacks such as malware.” Companies should therefore take steps to minimise this high security risk by working in a non-browser based way, especially when exchanging confidential information.