Get access to physical records quickly when you need to.


Enjoy the Drooms PORTFOLIO experience with a plus

As an additional add-on service to Drooms PORTFOLIO, Drooms PORTFOLIO+ allows for the innovative filing of business-critical information in its original format to meet legal retention requirements and expedite the sales process.

With Drooms PORTFOLIO+, important documents including but not limited to the likes of title deeds, lease agreements, guarantees and facility management contracts are granted a unique ID, labelled with a corresponding barcode and physically stored at a secure storage facility of choice for safekeeping.

Digital copies assigned the same unique ID can be uploaded and indexed to the Drooms PORTFOLIO data room making them and their originals searchable at a click. Discover how our modern stock control method is used by UBS Real Estate.

UBS case study



Securing physical records


Drooms works with experienced international logistics partners to collect relevant information. Rigorous chain-of-custody protocols and secure logistics guarantee information is protected while in transit and at rest.

Preventative measures with proven fire-safe construction, dependable water supplies and comprehensive environmental conditions further safeguard records. Secure destruction services to reduce risk are available when required.

New standard for structured storage


With a high degree of transparency and company-wide control of data, short information paths and simplified coordination are possible.

Expert advice on demand


As a means to further facilitate a single source for information, Drooms offers user management guidance and training on demand.

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