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Intellectual property (IP) is the most important asset for any company in the life sciences industry. From the research and development stage to financing and licensing, life sciences companies need to find a way to share sensitive information, as well as a place to store and track lab certifications and audits – all while maintaining complete confidentiality.


Facilitating access to funding
through due diligence

The life sciences industry is getting ever more competitive, and companies invest a lot of time, effort, and money into the research and development of new drugs and biomedical devices. It therefore isn’t surprising that a life sciences company’s IP is usually considered an invaluable asset – and one of the top priorities is keeping such information out of the wrong hands. Additionally, since financing is the lifeblood of R&D, companies often need to share sensitive information with third parties, such as investors.

Drooms can help you streamline that process in a controlled way, due to a sophisticated user rights management tool that allows you to control who sees what in the data room, guaranteeing security and confidentiality.

Sharing knowledge and value internally

Life sciences companies not only need to share information with external parties, but also across departments and offices within the (often decentralised) organisations.  

Drooms has been supporting pharmaceutical and biotechnology companies, such as Novartis, Abbot, and MerLion Pharmaceuticals. We know how much knowledge, developed over years and decades, is hidden within big corporations. Drooms provides a secure platform where you can exchange confidential documents, such as the results of research and clinical trials, with other departments.  

"Drooms convinced me with its easy-to-use design and its intuitive user interface. Finally, a system you can work with. Moreover, the service team looked after us terrifically all day (and night) long. We thank Drooms for its great support. I have rarely favored a service provider with so much enthusiasum!"

Merlion Pharmaceuticals, Berlin

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