Data rooms for energy transactions

Saving transaction time with efficient due diligence workflows

Virtual data rooms for energy transactions

The renewable energy market has grown significantly in recent years – and with it, the number of industry-related transactions has risen as well. To maximise efficiency, companies are increasingly turning to virtual data rooms to conduct due diligence as part of their financial transaction workflow.


Structured online due diligence

Due diligence is the cornerstone of every transaction and involves verifying a mountain of documents from various parties, down to the minute details. It is a time-consuming process, but the Drooms virtual data room can make it structured, transparent, and efficient by allowing you to control who can access which documents. 

Software and service 

For many years, Drooms has been supporting renowned companies active in the energy industry, including Statoil, Renerco,, EWE, Eaton, and Swissgrid. Experience has shown, time and again, that it is often the smallest things that create the most work. To help ensure a smooth, structured, and transparent process, Drooms is prepared to assist you in all stages of setting up a data room for projects, including collecting, indexing, and digitising your documents. 

"It was our top priority to have a structured and transparent process. This goal was fully supported by Drooms. The step-by-step disclosure process was customised to our very needs."

Senior Vice President and Head of Investor Relations
Evonik, Germany

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