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Streamline your due diligence

Corporate finance transactions are usually time-critical processes that involve large volumes of confidential data. For example, in mergers and acquisitions (M&A) transactions, parties on both the sell and buy sides need convenient access to sensitive documents to complete the due diligence process in time to meet target closing dates. With the amount of confidential information, players, and money involved, efficiency and security are top priorities. Drooms provides an improved structure to ensure an efficient process for corporate finance transactions and due diligence.


Increase efficiency

From vendor due diligence, to the warranty phase, to compliance and regulatory requirements, to security, the Drooms virtual data room provides a platform to improve the efficiency of your corporate finance processes. With our integrated Q&A tool, questions can be posted and addressed immediately by an assigned specialist, enabling a lean, fast, and sustainable communication flow. Additionally, real-time, detailed reports of all activity within the data room can be viewed at any time should any compliance-related questions arise. 

Fundraising and debt financing

Drooms helps structure the marketing and sale of valuable assets to assist your company’s fundraising and/or debt financing efforts so that you can close your transactions faster.

Potential investors will need access to your company's confidential documents, and the structured index in Drooms can help them quickly locate the required information. 

Sophisticated rights management system

Our user rights management tool allows you to set access rights for an unlimited number of users, letting you determine who sees what documents and when. You control the distribution of company information because you can update access rights at any time for any document or user, allowing users to view, print, or save documents – an invaluable feature when multiple parties from both sides of a transaction are involved.

Due Diligence Index™

Are you responsible for preparing a deal and figuring out which content is important? Start collecting your important documents immediately using our Standard Due Diligence Index as a guide.

Download Index

"Our collaboration with Drooms went smoothly, without any problems whatsoever. Drooms proved itself a reliable partner and consultant throughout the entire transaction. The fast and user-friendly platform made the project flow seamlessly. A truly exceptional service provider who we can recommend without reservation."

Deputy Managing Director
NLB InterFinanz AG, Zurich

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