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Manage all your investment projects online

Drooms DEALFLOW is the online tool for managing multiple deals through the investment funnel. All deal data is captured in your private centralised database. New investment opportunities can be added directly, while a comprehensive set of workflow tools allows for the efficient collaboration between project managers.

With Drooms DEALFLOW, you can easily manage your portfolio by keeping an overview on the status of each ongoing project. You can also share interesting deals with external partners and potential co-investors. 

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What can I do
with Drooms DEALFLOW?

  • Structure and access deal information in one centralised deal database.
  • Share opportunities with colleagues, partners and clients anywhere in the world.
  • Strengthen your client relationship by offering an enhanced access to interesting deal opportunities.
  • Support regulatory requirements in deal handling with automated processes.
  • Facilitate more deals through transparency and improved matching between buy- and sell-side.
  • Get ready for due diligence faster thanks to the integration with Drooms NXG virtual data room.

Intuitive and easy-to-use

  • One centralised deal database with realtime information
  • Accessible anytime, anywhere also on mobile
  • Easily search, discuss, review and compare investment opportunities
  • Link relevant documentation to a specific deal
  • Easy setup according to your needs

A comprehensive set of features

  • A private account with full access control
  • Overview on the entire deal funnel and status of each project
  • Numerous features allowing efficient communication and team collaboration
  • Link to Drooms NXG virtual data room for the due diligence process


See recent group activities and receive alerts

Deal database

Extensive analytics and access to full deal profiles

Online collaboration

Task management, networking and messaging

Privacy settings

Simple allocation of specific access rights

Deal funnel management

Display of the deal funnel status for all your projects


Set-up and print customised deal sheets