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Frankfurt hosts one of the most spectacular Christmas markets in Germany.

The Main offers not only breathtaking views of the skyline, but it is also at the crossroads of the city's social life.

Discover Frankfurt's hidden gems. Especially for flaneurs, art lovers and foodies.

With its endless shops and bars, the famous Zeil pedestrian area never sleeps.

The emperors of the Holy Roman Empire used to be crowned in the Cathedral.

Having a glass of cider and green sauce in the traditional restaurants of Sachsenhausen is the Frankfurt experience by definition.

"In Spain, we replicate the business model we have in Germany. Most of my working time is spent in Spain, although I travel to the Frankfurt headquarters regularly. I like to think that I bring Drooms branding, messaging and philosophy to Spain with a local accent. I connect with the marketing team on a daily basis, our team shares a strong work ethic and solidarity."

Marketing Manager

"As a manager, I’ve always had the goal of creating an environment where individuals work together successfully and achieve their best. The working atmosphere at Drooms is still pioneering, a little bit like a startup. There is a lot you can still achieve by yourself with your team, and you can make it only by keeping the motivation high. My efforts are targeted towards the satisfaction of our customers, since our high-end services really make a difference.”


"I was really looking for a new challenge, for something different. When I came to Drooms at the start of 2016, the company enrolled me immediately in Drooms Academy, where I met key contacts from each department and gained an overview on the overall activities of the company. With this training, I didn’t only discover what other people were doing, I also realized how qualified and competent everybody was. As soon as I met my coworkers, I knew that Drooms was the right place for me."

Customer Service Representative

Shared working spaces. Multiple leisure spaces. One vision.

Office locations in the centres of the most exciting European cities.

Monthly social events for global teams at the Frankfurt office.

Many recreational activities for our colleagues and their families.


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