Drooms culture

We find creative solutions for every issue we face. Together.

We give each other honest and constructive feedback. Always.

Our customers are our obsession!

Great ideas are often the product of brainstorming.

Marketing and product development talking about recipes on the famous red couches.

Marketing relentlessly trying to beat our CEO at foosball, but never winning (this is the official version).

We don’t take ourselves seriously. At least not all the time.

For those who do not play foosball: every Friday morning, take a deep breath.

At Drooms, even our windows are creative!

Solo brainstorming session during the crazy developers’ week.

"As sales manager in the UK, it is all about building a network and showing our presence. At the beginning, we had very few resources in our London office, so I had to figure things out myself, improvise, troubleshoot, move out of my comfort zone. But it’s ultimately rewarding, because at Drooms, I have learned so much and gained the confidence I need to be successful as a salesperson."

Country Head UK

"I enjoy my responsibilities at Drooms because they are challenging, but at the same time, achievable – which is both exciting and rewarding. Also, I really like the team, as people are very open and friendly in their communication. I’ve made some great friends here."

IT Support

"I had heard stories from friends who’d relocated internationally and had issues because they didn’t speak the language of the hosting country. That’s not been my case, as Frankfurt is an international city where everybody understands English. Drooms took care of everything, making relocation as easy as possible for me and my family. In the meantime, my wife and I are taking the German classes offered by the company and we are making very quick progress!"