What to do with the time we saved you

13. August 2018 | Drooms Global

When you start using Drooms’ virtual data rooms to manage your business needs, you will quickly notice you have more free time on your hands. So, what are you supposed to do with it all? You’re now employing the right business tools to help make decisions and manage different aspects of your business.

Top 10 things you can do with the time you have just freed up:

#1: Book a flight to Helsinki

OK, you can actually book a flight to any location you want, although Helsinki is a good pick since the Finns are the world’s happiest people. The main aim is to travel and explore the world. A new, intriguing environment will help you gain a fresh perspective.

#2: Cook up a tasty dinner for your colleagues

Building authentic relationships is important. US President Thomas Jefferson used to host dinner parties with a difference because he knew this to be true. Instead of small talk, Jefferson’s guests talked philosophy. Stop the water cooler chatter and actually talk to your colleagues – deeper and more meaningful relationships might lead to better business decisions.

#3: Go bird watching to connect with nature

Studies are constantly highlighting the benefits of spending time with nature. If you’re living in a concrete jungle and spend long hours under the fluorescent lights of the office, it’s time to get that backpack out and consider a hike deep into the forest.

#4: Take a class in acting

Acting can help you let go of inhibitions, become a better negotiator and learn coping strategies – all useful in the world of business. If you don’t think drama is for you, consider picking any course that spikes your interest. Learning new things will always help you gain knowledge that can be applied in all aspects of life–even if it’s learning to cook since you can use the skill when hosting that dinner party!

#5: Read 100 books

Reading is one of the best things you can do with your free time. It’s relaxing, educational, eye-opening and beneficial for your cognitive health. Business Insider’s list of ‘100 Books Everyone Should Read Before They Die’ is a good place to start.

#6: Mentor a junior or someone still in school

Mentoring is a great way to spend your free time. Altruistic acts are known to boost morale and positivity. Having a young mind challenging your ideas will also help you focus on the essentials. Pass on your knowledge and thoughts on a variety of topics from work-life balance to leadership, you will notice a difference in your behaviour quickly.

#7: Learn to breathe

You obviously know how to breathe, or you wouldn’t be reading this list right now. That being said, many people breathe the wrong way and don’t realise that the right breathing technique can actually calm you down, minimise stress and help you perform better.

Deep breathing techniques can take as little as 5-10 minutes of your time. They won’t just boost your mind but also your body. The extra oxygen will help stop stress hormones and improve your body’s immune system. You can find a quick guide to deep breathing on the Harvard Medical School website.

#8: Exercise

Exercise not only clears the mind but feeds the soul. Consider outdoor activities such as cycling, surfing, kayaking, scuba diving or snowboarding. If that sounds boring, what about a casual skydive?

#9: Unplug yourself

In an increasingly interconnected world it can be hard to disconnect and find true peace and tranquillity. The goal here is to completely unplug from technology. Yes, that does include your iPhone. Learn to be present in the moment and appreciate your surroundings.

#10: Recharge

Taking the time to recharge is extremely important and not something we generally do enough of. That new found youth, the extra bounce in your step, not to mention your increased rate of efficiency and concentration following that powernap is worth it, I promise!